Useful Links


This link points to a page that details all things about Religios tolerance – this one is the UN declaration – a rather interesting resource. – Gavin

The policitually incorrect truth of Islam

This link points to one of the most useful pages on the internet about Islam – everything you want to know and more — the links to verses on Women and Voilence are most telling – Gavin

Five reasons why islam is a Cult

Five Reasons Why Islam is a Cult

This link points to a very good resource about the history of Islam and in particular why it is a CULT  – Gavin

Islam, a Cult of Pus, Not a Religion of Peace.

Pat Conerally from the UK is a ledgen – a Must Watch – Gavin

Ansering Muslims

This link points a very useful page of a UK man in the video – sorry do not know his name yet – Gavin

Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades