I am glad that the horrific attacks in Germany on New Years Eve is finally gaining exposure, Australia is still keeping pretty quiet about it though which is appalling. I am somewhat thankful Merkel had no choice and gave media permission (which just shows there has been silencing) to speak out about the events all across Germany. We know for a fact that incidences across Europe have been suppressed from public knowledge, well this attack was to large to hide.

A stream of reports are flooding into the police, originally it was reported at around 100 in Cologne alone, the count is now up to 369 and could very well still rise. Women and girls were very much targeted, but the perpetrators were not held back at attacking couples or fathers with their daughter. I couldn’t imagine the chaos, fear and shock everyone must of gone through that evening, a night of celebration turned into horror! Being physically attacked in such a sexual manner is scary enough with just one person, but to find out groups of up to thirty were targeting is unimaginable. I have actually read since that in Egypt it is quiet a common occurrence in a popular city square, where even security can be the aggressor.

It has been confirmed by the police that the attackers were of Arab and African descent most seeking refugee status. When you roam in a pack like wolves you can intimidate and attack any target you please, even the police were surrounded and could not act. These assaults were very well organised, but of course they would be when it is someone’s usual lifestyle.


It makes me furious that there has been no care or safety considered when deciding to let refugees just flood into Europe, it is grossly negligent against the nation. It is absolute madness and the citizens of Europe have every right to be outraged at such careless decision making. ALL COUNTRIES have the right to be concerned and also should have the right to express their opinions. The attempt at shutting down opinions and speech on relevant issues are simply out of control and must come to a stop. There are obvious problems and a fatal clash of society which was inevitable, but silencing people unjustly will only lead to anger! How much crime in Europe has actually been covered up so far, leading up to the New years eve attacks, how many more silent victims are out there because people are experimenting with an outrageous humanitarian project? Europe has been in crisis for many years now, the influx of Islamic men has had disastrous consequences on women in the community. Muslim men have been brought up in a different world where women are treated extremely low, a girl is born and victimized from day one.

All these third world countries rely on corruption for survival, their leaders certainly don’t give a damn in providing for them. Women are treated as sex objects and taken when ever a male sees fit, little girls are raped their lives completely destroyed. Majority of the victims are rejected by their family, the community and usually their very own husband. In Islamic countries Muslim women are whipped publicly or stoned to death where all men gather to participate. Not only do the women have to fear the men in their cities or villages but soldiers or police can very well be the attacker’s. These countries are simply not safe if you are born a girl where persecution of the female sex is taught as normal life.


The men stand over women with blatant superiority, treat them less than human. It is also common practice for the mothers to sell their daughters off to be married or put them into prostitution. Those practices are not just contained to middle eastern countries it is very common throughout Asia as most would already know. It is part of the various cultures, just day to day of an unfortunate life. These people resort to these desperate measures as their very own government leaders let them fend for themselves, or religion dictates the cruelty subjected onto females.

Billions of dollars are just thrown away by western countries, but what have they actually achieved? Sweet FA in my opinion. Women are still expendable objects, they are slaves, children become women at very young ages. The United Nations camp’s condone child marriage when they should be preventing it and educating against for crying out loud. How can we expect anything to change when the most barbaric countries have absolute control over the United Nations board? It simply never will get better, all that is happening at the moment is creating a larger base of victims!

Yes I agree with humanity but you shouldn’t destroy who is humane in the process, that is some sick and twisted garbage, it is criminal. If our leaders ever cared or had the goal in saving people, they would of removed all these evil B******S out of power and built infrastructure where they live. Provide these countries with good leadership, amenities, schooling, proper shelter and a means of income working off the land at least.

So what exactly can we summarise from the information laid out so far? Obviously our leaders do not want these countries fixed, they will not stop the mistreatment or exploitation of girls and women, they won’t hold destructive regimes to justice and they no longer value the democratic societies that have already been successfully built.

In conclusion this actually tells a lot to us looking in, we are stunned very much by living conditions overseas that people have to live with. When you see the endless slums firsthand it is rather shocking, I remember Bangkok  for example and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Thinking of what we are given back home, we are incredibly lucky. I mean, we have cubby houses and dog kennels built extremely better than their actual units, shacks or living quarters. So I truly do understand as I’ve seen some of it for myself, anyone would have compassion for their circumstances. What is clearly obvious is that many are desperate people doing what ever they can to survive, to them swindling or begging tourists is nothing as it is about sheer survival.

For those reasons is why these barbaric governments get away with everything, as people are desperate. The authorities turn a blind eye to exploitation and corruption, majority of the time authorities are actually involved in the never ending scams. The soldiers themselves extort unsuspecting public, rape the native women and children.

Having corrupt leaders creates a corrupt country it’s that simple. Corruption starts at the top and works it way down to create a chaotic lifestyle, a desperate nation that relies on the government help which is very much lacking or nonexistent.

We know we ourselves have selfish corrupt leaders, but how far will they actually go? It’s pretty much laid out to plan, the Agenda 21 which now is Agenda 2030, they have it all set in motion. What better way to grab increased power over it’s citizens than to import a society that is more so desperate and angrier at what they’ve had to endure through their life? They are used to nothing and doing what ever it takes to survive with no regret, then see us as privileged people who have everything. The resentment and hate for us is already established, which of course will be acted out on, gradually tearing our lifestyle apart and into ruins.

The economic strain on our countries comes at a price and we are the one’s that pay for it, our leaders certainly don’t get effected, the barbaric leaders around the world live a life of luxury with no guilt what so ever.


In all societies it is usually the woman which provides the emotional support to others. If a woman is broken they are emotionally stripped and how can they give support when they have lost their inner strength? Men have physical strength where as a woman it comes more from within.

This rape culture which is deliberately being invited into our countrys is to specifically bring down the foundations of support within our communities. It is the exact same method used overseas in the 3rd world countries, I have seen many documentaries stating this as fact. In many families and relationships if you break the woman, it can ultimately break the man, unless of course he is the perpetrator. Break the man and what have you left, a damaged society reliant on the government more than ever. MJ




Sexual assaults have exposed Germany’s open immigration policy



JANUARY 11, 2016 12:00AM


Stung by public anger, German chancellor Angela Merkel has proposed tougher laws to deal with asylum-seeker criminals.


What may prove a turning point for Germany’s Willkommenskultur (welcoming culture) had begun harmlessly enough about 10pm on the last day of 2015, as crowds gathered in a series of interlocking squares rising from the banks of the Rhine up to Cologne cathedral.


“I don’t know what was worst that night,” says Ariane Pfannstiel, one of hundreds of young women who had turned out to watch fireworks and toast the new year. “Was it the absence of police or their impotence? Or the fact that I had never seen so many aggressive men face to face?”


Emerging from the underground station, “my first impression was simply dread”, Pfannstiel wrote in a post to a ­Cologne community page.


“It was loud, hostile and contemptuous of women. We fled from the square but inside the station was no better. We were denounced as sluts and whores, harassed and persecuted.”


MORE: Cologne’s clash of cultures

As women scattered across the city centre, many accompanied by boyfriends or husbands as they sought refuge, they found themselves surrounded by groups of leering men.


“There were boys and old men, they looked like fathers and sons,” says Mirjam, a 23-year-old shop assistant.


“My boyfriend was standing right beside me, trying to push them away, but it was incredible — they were just taking it in turns to grab at my breasts. I thought if I let go of my friend’s hand, they would drag me away.”


A young woman called Sabine told German radio she had scratch marks between her thighs where a man had groped under her skirt. Other women reported their purses had been snatched, and some told police they had seen gang leaders directing the assaults.


Cologne police said on Saturday that the number of cases filed involving violence during the festivities had reached 379, and that migrants made up the majority of suspects. Two were for claims of rape.


It was a night of unconscionable breakdown in Germany’s much-cherished standards of stability, civility and political rectitude. It has plunged “Mama Merkel” into a toxic debate about sexism, racism and what one prominent politician described as the “social romanticism” of its well-meaning immigration policies.


“There are some who think our immigrant policy is a (do-gooders’) contest for the Mother Teresa award,” says Heinz Buschkowsky, who as former mayor of the Berlin district of Neukolln presided over one of Germany’s most culturally mixed areas. “It is not. It is hard work.”


The evidence of a seemingly unbridgeable gap in immigrant attitudes towards women has ­emboldened right-wing forces ­demanding an end to open-door policies.


The fallout from what German media has dubbed the “sex-mob scandal” is also spreading, from the beleaguered borders of Greece, Italy and Macedonia through the refugee camps of ­Calais and Dunkirk to the doors of British prime minister David Cameron’s residence Downing Street, where Merkel’s response to a night of shame may have a profound impact on Cameron’s referendum on EU membership.


As the right-wingers gathered in Cologne over the weekend, there seemed no end to the flow of stories from horrified young women who had gone out to watch new year fireworks and party and ended up fleeing groups of men calling them “bitch” or “prostitute”.


The police report summed up the evening: “Women literally had to run a gauntlet through a mass of drunken men … we were unable to respond to all the offences, there were just too many.”


Hours after the trouble started, Selina, 26, and her friend, Sara, had arrived at the railway station after seeing in the new year at a pub. They intended to catch a train home to Koblenz, but the man behind the ticket counter looked at them in astonishment. “What are you doing here?” he said. “Don’t you know what’s happening?”


Within minutes they were ­approached by a group of men who followed them, grabbing at their bodies.


“The police saw what was happening but none of them came to help us,” says Selina. They eventually found a taxi rank and a group of men who offered to protect them.


Other men also tried to intervene, among them Ivan Jurcevic, a kick-boxing Croatian actor who was working at a nearby hotel. “They attacked the hotel guests, they spat at the guests and spat at the police,” says Jurcevic.


He said he had always regarded stories about immigrants insulting women as “right-wing propaganda … but this was real”. Attacked by several men, he launched himself into the fray and says he helped several women to safety.


The assaults were shocking enough, yet for many Germans the response of the Cologne police was the ultimate insult to the ­victims. They somehow reported the following morning that the celebrations had passed off “quite peacefully”.


It later emerged from a leaked memo that the police had found themselves hopelessly unprepared.


Yet the real problem for Merkel lies in reports that an unnamed officer had barred references to the assailants’ immigrant status for fear of stoking political tensions.


Repeated claims that officials have covered up immigrant misbehaviour for fear of undermining Merkel’s policies have returned to haunt the chancellor.


“Ordinary citizens are being played for fools,” claims Andre Schulz, the leader of a German police union.


New Year’s Eve assaults on women have also been confirmed in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Bielefeld, while in a small town in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg two teenage girls were allegedly raped by four Syrian refugees.



The first head to roll was that of Wolfgang Albers, Cologne’s police chief. He has been placed on leave and appears to be on his way to ­enforced retirement. The city’s mayor, Henriette Reker, has also been condemned for suggesting that women needed a new “code of conduct” that should include keeping men “at arm’s length” when out in public.


Many Germans took to social media to lambast Reker for ­appearing to blame women for ­inciting the attacks.


“It’s not German women who need to change their behaviour,” wrote one Facebook user. “It’s ­politicians who are terrified of upsetting immigrants.”


One Muslim owner of a martial arts gym apologised for the behaviour of “uneducated” immigrants and offered free self-defence classes to women. Others set up vigilante-style groups that proposed to patrol city streets to protect women.


The suggestion that ill-educated immigrant youths are being ­exploited by more sophisticated gangs, whether for fun or profit, was bolstered by the discovery that some of the men were carrying scraps of paper with phrases translated from Arabic into German. These included “big breasts”, and “I want to f..k”.


On Thursday, visitors to ­Cologne’s cathedral were startled by the appearance outside of Milo Moire, a German performance artist, who shed her clothes and held up a banner that read: “We are not fair game even when we are naked.”


The gap between nude feminists and Muslim immigrants could scarcely be wider, and even Merkel’s most ardent supporters were finding it hard to defend the generosity towards refugees that only a few months ago was a source of intense German pride.


“The impression that sexual ­violence is being imported (by immigrants) is mistaken,” argues Claudia Roth, vice-president of the Bundestag. The Munich Oktoberfest and Cologne’s annual carnival, due to take place next month, began spawning complaints of sexual harassment long before the current migrants arrived, and Roth warns against a “brutalisation” of the immigration debate.

Reker, the mayor, was campaigning last October when she was stabbed by an unemployed German handyman infuriated by her work for the city’s refugee support service, and was still in hospital when she won the election. Last week she tried to reassure citizens ahead of the carnival that there would be no repeat of the New Year’s Eve violence.


It scarcely helps that, according to carnival tradition, revellers are entitled to demand a kiss from strangers. In Der Spiegel on the weekend, Reker said efforts would be made to instruct immigrants about proper kissing behaviour.


Merkel’s emphasis on humanitarian obligation has been seen in some circles as an assuaging of German guilt for its 20th-century misdeeds, but a younger generation of Germans is losing ­patience with the argument that “we have a debt to pay”, as Pfannstiel puts it. “It’s ridiculous,” she said. “They have come here and ­attacked us.”


There was also disgust at the Cologne police report that ­described one immigrant’s arrogant response to the policeman ­arresting him: “I’m Syrian, you have to treat me nicely, Frau Merkel invited me.”


The chancellor now faces an uphill battle as she attempts to rally public support for Germany’s humanitarian goals. On Friday, she declared that “the most ­important thing is that the facts about what happened are spoken about openly and bluntly. Terrible things happened and we must ­respond to them.” Yet the more facts Germany learns about its sex-mob scandal, the less support there is likely to be for men who grope its women.


Whatever conclusion Germany reaches about immigrant quotas, deportations or teaching men not to put their hands up women’s skirts, the real test of the chancellor’s immigration policies will come in places such as Gevgelija, in Macedonia, where the border with Greece was patrolled last week by burly Hungarian guards drafted in to help stem the flow of migrants. They are due to be joined by contingents from Croatia, Slovenia, Poland and other countries.


One of the Hungarian policemen quietly admitted last week: “We stopped them in Hungary, but here there is a lot of work. Greece just lets people in.”


His words were echoed by Viktor Orban, Hungary’s hardline prime minister, who warned: ­“Securing the borders of Europe (in Greece) … has failed.”


Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, was among European leaders warning that the current influx might have to drop “very considerably”.


Merkel’s proposals to streamline deportation procedures may help calm her domestic critics, but she still faces the broader question of how long Germany can continue to admit unlimited numbers of refugees, including a high proportion of young, unattached men, however needy they seem.


European attempts to enlist Turkey’s help in stamping out ­people smuggling, in return for hefty injections of aid, have so far had little effect.


Orban proposes a second line of defence along the Macedonian and Bulgarian borders, but even that may prove inadequate given the sheer volume of migrants.


“There is an enormous reservoir of refugees wanting to reach Europe,” warns Elizabeth Collett of the Migration Policy Institute, a leading think tank. “Their number will only increase given the ­turmoil in the Middle East.”



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