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I can’t write to much on this one, otherwise I’ll just lose my temper.


This mayor needs to be THROWN OUT of her position, how can ANYONE let her get away with these hateful accusations putting the blame on the victims, I am absolutely appalled and disgusted!

Being a mother myself and knowing how these type of events are extremely damaging, this woman is not normal at all, she is a cold hearted BIT*H.


My god, who is going to reprimand this thing, seriously who is going to do something about this?


She has made these girls and women victims all over again in her sick twisted announcement. Tell you what lady, if one of these girl’s were my daughter I’d be slapping you Henrietta so hard across the face right now!


This mayor is a disgusting example of a person, she is by no means worthy to hold the position she has, throw HER, to a pack of those mongrel gutter trash. Good luck keeping an arms length.




Mayor of Cologne Blames the Victims of New Years Eve Sexual Attacks by Muslim Hordes

ByPAMELA GELLER on January 6, 2016




The Mayor of the City where hundreds of women were robbed, sexually attacked, molested, and even raped on New Years Eve is blaming the victims. Worse still, the Mayor is a woman.


The mayor of Köln, Henriette Reker, intends to publish a behavioral code for the forthcoming carnival in Köln. But if you think that this behavioral code is meant for the Muslim mobs, you are wrong. This behavioral code is meant for the victims, the women.


Rather than focus on the astonishing number of criminals involved in the incident and the broader issues such violence points to, however, Reker determined women, such as those who were randomly attacked days ago, are the key to a solution. In order “to prevent such incidents from ever happening again,” Reker proposed that women adhere to a “code of conduct,” the Independent reported on Tuesday.




This code would require women to remain “an arm’s length distance from strangers” within their own group, and encourages women to ask bystanders or witnesses to help should they feel threatened, according to the same report. In the future, women would do well to be aware of the potential dangers of events conducive to drunkenness, the mayor reportedly added.


More and more details about this whole thing emerge daily. Although other cities are being mentioned (e.g. Hamburg, Stuttgart), Cologne remains the center of attention because as it stands now, most crimes happened there. I think there are more than one hundred criminal charges filed as of now. And the next big thing is the carnival in Cologne – that’s what the people there are all looking forward to. Carnival in Rio De Janeiro is highly civilized and mannered compared to what’s happening in Cologne that time of the year.  February 4, 2016 through Feruary 9, 2016.


What is the Mayor’s response to this mass sexual attacks. Sharia. Instead of protecting the citizens of her city, she is advising women to cover-up.


The Mayor of Cologne has spoken out about the attacks, but her carefully chosen words are unlikely to delight many. Rather than addressing the root causes of the violence — unlimited mass migration and a totally failed system of integration — the newly elected pro-migrant mayor instead blamed the victims of the sexual abuse for having failed to defend themselves against the immigrant attackers.


Speaking on live television this afternoon mayor Henriette Reker, who was near-fatally stabbed in the run up to October elections by an anti mass migration campaigner, said in future women would have to be better prepared in her city to deal with migrants. She remarked: “The women and young girls have to be more protected in the future so these things don’t happen again.




“This means, they should go out and have fun, but they need to be better prepared, especially with the Cologne carnival coming up. For this, we will publish online guidelines that these young women can read through to prepare themselves”.


What form this guidance will take is presently unclear, the mayor could take inspiration from young victim whose modest clothes protected them from the worst consequences of walking at night in areas controlled by migrant men. The woman said: “Fortunately I wore a jacket and trousers. a skirt would probably have been torn away from me”.


Despite her words of warning towards women in the city they could prepare for more violence against them, she refuted the suggestion there was any link between the attacks and migrants, contradicting her own chief of police.


An opposition council member has today sounded the alarm bell on the deteriorating state of control the local government has over the city of Cologne, and in an official letter from the council group has warned those planning to come to the famous Cologne council next month “the city and the police… are unable to guarantee the safety of locals and tourists”.


Currently, the media is under fire for not reporting on the mass sexual attacks on New Years. I had it first in the US and it was slowly picked up in the following days.  In Europe, it had  been on social media only. The police even wrote

that it was a normal New Year’s Eve in their initial statement (which they corrected).


It’s obvious they tried to cover it up. Merkel wants her Muslim migrants.


The public is discussing why three years ago an elderly politican (Rainer

Brüderle) got publicy tared and feathered after he made one dumb remark

about a younger female reporter (twitter hashtag #aufschrei) and now

after it’s been brought to light that the perpetrators where young north

african men, no one (especially the feminists) says a damn thing publically.


I suspect a good many Germans will not be going to the carnival in Cologne this year.




Mayor of Cologne Blames the Victims of New Years Eve Sexual Attacks by Muslim Hordes