THE horrifying TRUTH of being a girl / woman from MIDDLE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN countries. Being a refugee compounds the ABUSE.


**This is what the [SOCIALIST LEFT] will NOT ADMIT OR ACKNOWLEDGE. They are responsible by keeping silent, they are responsible for continued abuse.

They HAVE BLOOD & RAPE on their hands, the wonderful left of society!**

Enjoy the read from, MJ




Second, aspects of women’s health that suffer in war, conflict and displacement include access to family planning, safe motherhood, *sexual and gender-based violence* and disproportionate risk for STDs, including HIV.


(8) Female refugees and displaced women are at daily risk of safety and security as well as sexual, physical and mental abuses as they attempt to survive.


The question then becomes why do women face such health risks. Conflict and the resulting forced displacement creates an environment that increases the vulnerability of women and girls. Women and girls remain refugees or displaced for longer periods of time without status and are more vulnerable at every stage of displacement compared to men.


(9) One must recognize that vulnerability to a disaster is a social dynamic rooted in the interaction between gender and class, culture, nationality, age and other power relations.


(10) For example, in terms of culture, patriarchy is entrenched in cultures throughout the world, and in a refugee situation it amplifies the difficulties female refugees already face.


(11) These conceptual intersections and social dynamics shape refugee women’s health status and access to health services.


While each receiving context shapes women’s health vulnerabilities in context-specific socio-ecological ways, in the Syrian conflict the intersection between gender and violence and gender and age, and the gendered division of labor have consistently emerged as determinants of women’s health vulnerabilities.


Syrian refugee life is particularly conducive to gender-based and sexual violence at all stages of the conflict.


At the early stages, the armies used rape as a weapon of war, and now the prevalence of violence perpetrated by intimate partners continues to rise.


Types of violence against women in a displacement settings include mass rape, military sexual slavery, forced prostitution, forced marriage, trafficking, forced pregnancy, gang rape, sexual assault, physical assault, resurgence of female genital mutilation and forced sex for survival, food, shelter and protection.


(12) Importantly, violence against women is

*not a side effect of political conflict.*


It appears in societies with deep-rooted gender disparities, and Syrian society is a patriarchal society. The proliferation of violence is due to the challenges to the gendered identity of individuals.


The WHO reports that the *Eastern Mediterranean* region already had a high prevalence of *intimate partner violence* with 37% of women suffering from intimate *partner violence* in the region. The Syrian crisis has only further exacerbated this problem.


Young Syrian girls experience double marginalization due to both age and gender. This intersection is most easily visible through the rising numbers of early ages at marriage among Syrian refugees.

*Early marriage* is used as a coping strategy for young girls in abusive home environments and poor living conditions.

*Sexual exploitation* and *violence* also contributes to EARLY MARRIAGE.


Families marry off their daughters with the idea that they are providing protection for young girls, continuing *family traditions*, alleviating poverty or helping daughters escape the environment.


(13) Islam forbids sexual relations outside of marriage, yet in the camp setting, rape, prostitution and underage forced marriages are RAMPANT.


Hundreds of women and girls have been sold under the guise of “temporary marriage.” As economic resources are depleted in a camp setting, girls are married off at younger and younger ages. Survival sex becomes the only way to support themselves and their families.


(14) Preservation of family honor serves as a justification for marrying off young girls to their perpetrators. It is also an avenue into human trafficking.

PREVENTION of this family HONOR often

[prevents women from reporting sexual assault and violence.]


In general, girls under 18 are more likely to experience obstetric and neonatal complications.


** For these main reasons the SOCIALIST LEFT make me sick to the stomach, THEY ARE DISGUSTING human beings! They are sub human ignorant fool’s. **


I saw an interview not long ago with the host of Q and A / Lateline, an atheist and a progressive Muslim had teamed up together to speak out, that Islam needs to be addressed. That all the damaging material, abuse AND terrorism has to be open for discussion, NOT SILENCED.


Below interview *HIDDEN* from the majority of the public.


Yet TONY JONES still report’s to this day NO PROBLEMS with Islam. He specifically chooses guest’s that are pro Muslim WHO DENY PROBLEMS.


BELOW more evidence: You see the socialist left won’t even listen to the victims [women] or apostates of islam & sharia life.