Some apologist challenged me and asked what demands are made from Muslims that there are none, stated “no demands have been made of me, it’s only what you see in the tabloids”.
1/ Halal.
 a) PPL losing jobs example. Truck drivers, packaging staff, diesel mechanics, farm hands, office staff, managerial staff.
b) PPL losing food handlers jobs at universities, child care, schools, corporate venues, production line’s.
c) Complete domination of Australian products, making EVERYTHING halal.
d) Discrimination against ALL RELIGIONS, NO religion’s are allowed to consume halal.
c) Cruelty to animals because of ritual sacrifice. The animals feel & go through pain plus are completely terrorised, because the spinal cord is not severed.
d) Unnecessary cruel slaughter, much of our export IS NOT to Islamic countries. Australian Muslim population is only 700,000.
e) Chickens ARE NOT exported but yet 90% are slaughtered halal.
f) Another’s religious practices forced onto other’s.
Pork products being removed from thousands of venues Australiawide.
a) Removing bible’s from hospitals. b) Removing shirt logo production.
SEPARATE prayer rooms, SEPARATE toilets, SEPARATE swim times, SEPARATE banking system, SEPARATE law’s, SEPARATE marriage practices, SEPARATE divorce, SEPARATE everything.
SEPARATE morals & guidelines where children & women are concerned.
Islam creates the distance away from the country & it’s citizens.
a) Disruption to all work establishments with 5 times prayer.
b) Special privileges over other employees.
c) Disruption to neighborhoods: noise pollution 5 times a day every day, blocking access to neighborhoods, traffic chaos & hazards.
a) Danger to all personal, state & international safety with face coverings.
b) Face coverings is anti-social behaviour, when Australia operates socially with one another.
c) Creates distance & divide from fellow citizens.
a) Challenging our law’s, continually requesting sharia law run alongside our law’s
b) Carrying out sharia law in mosques regardless of permission.
a) Disrespecting & ignoring our judge’s, b) demanding different prison procedures,
c) being released for Ramadan,
d) Cultural sensitivity when handing down sentences,
e) Allowing polygamy,
f) Allowing child marriage.
Allowing rape gang’s to continue, not charging them at all.
Demanding police notify mosque prior to search.
Demanding Islamic councils be included in national security meetings.
Demanding separate rules, regulations & considerations in all forms. Demanding that Islam is not discussed anywhere.
Condemnation to anyone who discusses Islam critically.
Demanding millions for de-radicalisation programs. Their Qur’an directly creates radicals, they refuse to take responsibility.


Social media censorship, closing groups, page’s & personal accounts.