Sent this email off today to ABC, in regards to the recent article on mismanagement of government fund’s in several Islamic educational institutions. Hopefully they’ll look further than just fund’s & investigate qualifications of teachers etc. As it is common practice that senior Islamic figures are far from qualified or not at all.

ATTENTION : Alison Branley

Of ABC online news.



I wanted to bring to your attention another critical piece of information that government should be aware of & act on.

It is a requirement that all teachers are qualified in their field’s. Recently this did come to light in a small survey that some teacher’s have fell short on basic skills.

It is a known fact to many, that within the Islamic community worldwide that senior Muslims are actually self proclaimed expert’s.

Being an Islamic scholar, is having the skill to recite the Qur’an with no aid. The thing that is concerning though, is which part of the Qur’an are they teaching? If the scholar is a Shia/Shiite Muslim, there is nothing to worry about. They do preach peace & tolerance for all. Shia/Shiite sects make up approximately 13% of the Muslim population. This also applies to the Imam’s in mosques.

But if Imams, teacher’s or clerics are Sunni Muslim, they teach the military / political side of the Qur’an. Which is the caliphate.

Majority of Islamic teacher’s you will find are not qualified at all to be teacher’s. You will find that many are not qualified doctors, it is just a self elected title.

To give the appearance of superiority & being educated. It is extremely common that senior Islamic figures are not educated to our standards & they have no valid qualifications.

I will include a recent email I sent to the Greens Mp. Which explains some point’s which gives much crucial information in understanding Islam. If you email me I can send you the attachment, The life of prophet Muhammad. If you do not know prophet Muhammad you will never understand Islam.


From: “*********@hotmail.com>

To: <senator.dinatale@aph.gov.au>

Subject: Common Misconception

Date: Mon, Nov 30, 2015 5:32 PM

Dear senator


I thought it my duty as a citizen of Australia, to pass on a little information for you to read. It is not much, just a couple of key thing’s that all people should know.

It is of my understanding that you are an outwardly spoken supporter of the Islamic faith & do not recognize the direct link of why Muslims can be enormously different in nature.

Admittedly there are followers in the Islamic faith that couldn’t be more opposite if you tried. I am extremely aware of the differences. I am here to confirm that you are right in saying there are peaceful Muslims, but on the other hand there are vicious Muslims in existence as well.

In the Islamic faith there is only two real paths you can personally take. You see, people do not realize that Islam is more political and military focused, than religion.

* Only a very small section of the Qur’an is peaceful and tolerant, the very early beginnings of Islam.

* The Qur’an verses drastically change to political and military instructions, the more Islam grew with followers. Majority of the Qur’an are these actual teachings.

This is the exact reason why there is two distinct sects of Islam. There is only two paths a Muslim can follow.

* Sunni             87% population

* Shia / Shiite 13% population

Sunni are the political/military side, which is obvious when you look at the vast percentage difference.

Sunni are the worldwide caliphate, Islamic state & all terrorist cell’s. For example The Muslim Brotherhood / Hizb ut-Tahrir.

I continually find myself at odds with many, as it is evident that no person’s who make the claim that Islam itself is not responsible, have ever learnt Islam for themselves. Knowledge is learnt from being dictated to verbally.

In Islam there is only ONE prophet, prophet Muhammad that Muslims strictly follow and aspire to be. Prophet Muhammad the perfect example of man to all Muslims.


To be honest, it is key to know Muhammad if you wish to know Islam, without this knowledge it is impossible.

If you investigate for yourself, you will find in any western Islamic teachings, the prophet Muhammad’s life is omitted from all study.

There is a specific reason why this is done. For you personally, I have attached the life of prophet Muhammad. It is not even 100 page’s long. I am positive this will be an absolute breeze for yourself to go over. Some people these day’s can’t even be bothered with that?

Another thing to understand with Islam, is that the Qur’an has not changed one word in 1400 year’s. The Qur’an is forbidden to be altered actually, the penalties for doing so are very severe, death to be precise. The Qur’an is written literally, after all it was written in very primitive times. Anyone with the skill of reading, can easily understand a Qur’an, it is very basic.

I will leave it there senator, as am sure your time is very limited. Lucky the attachment is small, I didn’t plan that, it just is, lol.

Thank you for your time.


Melissa Jayne


Below end of email to ABC.

I would greatly appreciate a return email as to whether you you will enquire into Islamic teacher’s qualifications. I have sent information to the education authorities in regards to these matters. It could be the very reason why they are going to test teacher’s basic English & mathematical skills?

Or if Islamic senior figures are actual qualified doctors or scientists?

I have read research in the past of these falsehoods, self proclaimed title’s.

Would be extremely interesting to see how many we have in our Australian system?

Below article the ridiculous claim from Islamic headmaster, that girls could lose their virginity if they participated in a scheduled running event? He actually did put a notice out to the students that they were not allowed to run.