This is to help show councils that the process of mosque applications are deceptive. It is well within a Muslims right to deceive non-muslims, it is stated in the Qur’an to do just that. So why are so many blind, thinking they are the person they don’t lie to?
BELOW: I googled lying to un-believers.
Didn’t mention Islam or Muslim.
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taqiyya and kitman.
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Mobile-friendly – Taqiyya and kitman are two forms of lying to unbelievers that are permitted under
lying to unbelievers ×
Their Allah in the Qur’an directs all Muslim to specifically lie to further the spread of Islam.

BELOW: Egyptian cleric tells Muslims to lie to Jews, to convert them!


BELOW: Muslim woman files false statutory declaration about police officer, contacts media & lies.


Below the instigator for Maroochydore mosque Queensland.

Mr Dilbaz is a well known Moslem figure on the Sunshine Coast, a leader of the [MOSC] Muslim Organization on the Sunshine Coast. In this case Mr Dilbaz has targeted Maroochydore for a mosque with success. Mr Dilbaz has purchased land in Maroochydore, which has just received approval from the Sunshine Coast council with much displeasure from local residents. Gold Coast council knocked back plan’s in the region, but Maroochydore has caved.




Deputy mayor Donna Gates of the Gold Coast said the sheer number of objections from the community couldn’t be ignored by the council. Eight thousand signatures in total opposing the Gold Coast Mosque.

With the recent approval of the Maroochydore mosque it comes with stringent requirements to be adhered to. But in reality I can’t see how they will comply due to Islamic religious duties?


Council have imposed strict conditions on this approval as below:

Place of Worship must not exceed:

(a) 25 during weekly worship services or during any other Place of Worship

activities; and

(b) 40 during twice-yearly holiday/festival services.

4. All Place of Worship activities must be conducted only within the area shown as

“Worship Space” on the approved plans.

5. Worship services must not operate outside of the hours of:

(a) for the weekly worship services – 12pm to 3pm on Fridays; and

(b) for the twice-yearly holiday/festival services – 7am to 10am on the festival


6. No amplified music/sound shall occur on the site.

These restrictions on a mosque will be impossible to follow, as their prayer times are in direct conflict of the conditions laid out by council.

The simple facts are they cannot be trusted to comply with regulations. An example below exposed by the Herald Sun with a Victorian mosque situated in Dandenong, which doubles the limit of attendees.

“The residential community in this area has had enough of streets clogged with parked cars, followed by heavy traffic trying to get away afterwards,” Cr Crestani said.

“Friday worship and special events already attract 600-plus patrons. When it is only permitted 270 people. The council agreed to extending it to 385 but what is the point of approving 385 when approximately 600 are there?”

“It sets a dangerous precedent. It tells people they can break the rules, say sorry and get what they want by default,” she said.


There has been a strong campaign against the opening of this mosque in Maroochydore for the past six months, from residents and Sunny Coast Safe community. Even though the Sunny Coast Community provided thorough evidence of the mass majority opposing this development and the impact that it will most definitely make. The council have shunned all information of objections from a few groups’s. Council have chosen to completely ignore public outcry and legitimate concerns approving the permit anyway. The Gold Coast council on the other hand squarely based their rejection on public concerns and objections.

It is well known that bribery is a popular tool when it comes to Moslems and councils. For example Mareeba council in Queensland. Mareeba were extremely lucky in finding evidence that stopped the 70 million dollar boys boarding school. Bribery was exposed within the deal to open up the boarding school.


In keeping with the bribery idea, I would like to bring your attention to a Qld Mp Mr Mal Brough. Just six months ago he was filmed in parliament, strongly opposing islamification. Very vocal and passionate in his plea, which you will witness in the below video!


It seems of late Mp Mal Brough has done a complete 180 on his views of Islam? In only six month’s mind you! Totally in the favour now and 100% supporting the islamification of the coast. This kind of behavior is not the first time it’s happened, councils and Mp’s completing an incredible gymnastic move and doing a back flip?

Below, Mp Mal Brough’s more recent public announcement.

SUNSHINE Coast federal MP Mal Brough is urging locals opposed to a mosque being built in Maroochydore to learn more about Islam, rather than succumbing to misguided fear and hatred.

Yes we all should learn more about Islam.

Very very interesting indeed?

Mr Dilbaz who has funded the purchase of the Maroochydore mosque site. Somehow managed to come up with a reportedly $480,000 that brought the land and house for the new Mosque. Where on earth has this money come from, especially since he was in arrears with child support? How much more money is going to magically appear for this development?

Mr Dilbaz hit the headlines for a very different reason last September. A father-of-three Mr Dilbaz had a large debt owing in child support to the tune of $4954.21. Which would of made a great story.

*HEADLINE* Well known successful Islamic leader Mr Dilbaz of Coloundra, running from child support agencies in the amount of nearly $5000.

That headline sounds much more exciting to me, don’t you think?

But of course that wouldn’t of looked good at all for Mr Dilbaz’s reputation, who was obviously dodging his fatherly responsibilities to his children.

Apparently he felt guilty stating that taxpayers money had been wasted by the Federal Government in a 10-month quest to chase up an outstanding debt he had of one cent.

Yes I agree one cent is ridiculous, but this came down to a computer error in the end.

If I was Orhan Dilbaz, I would of been more ashamed and embarrassed that my child support had reached nearly $5000. But like many Moslems, a chance to discredit our government is an opportunity surely not to be missed.

Seeing he has a successful kebab shop business, a story on how he evaded child support to the tune of $4954.21 would of been a more news worthy story? But then again, he wouldn’t of come across as the good Samaritan would he?

The thing I find interesting is that Orhan Dilbaz went to the Caloundra Post Office in November 2012 to settle a Child Support Agency invoice of $4954.21. As he “paid cash?” [which in itself is odd ] It happened to leave a one cent debt, which carried into a victim card story of being harassed by letters! Showing a pretty typical and expected behavior these days of the disgruntled Islamic community.

Mr Dilbaz had a few opinions in this interview with Sunshine Coast Daily. He explained his distaste in that much of the world was focused on Muslims and said he did not believe the root of the problem was the actions of Islamic State.

Seriously? The world is focused on Muslims, as they are tearing up the world and killing millions for crying out loud?

Mr Dilbaz state’s that Islam is a religion of peace. But yet he clearly supports Islamic State which is dedicated to islamification of islamic countries over the Shia / Shite Muslims and over non believers. Islamic State holds 100% power over all muslims, plus majority of their countries. Islamic State promotes and enforces Sharia Law over time. With saying that, it is clear Mr Dilbaz is a practicing Sunni Muslim. Sunni Muslims strictly follow the instructions of Muhammad of infiltration, divide and conquer. The Sunni Muslims distance themselves from the natural community, creating their own Islamic only areas. Enforcing their own sharia law within. Building Mosques with the sole purpose of promoting the caliphate. The caliphate promotes and spreads Islam by the way of deception, specifically hiding the agenda of the worldwide Ummah and complete focus of implementing the caliphate to take over from within.

5 Things to Know About the Sunni-Shiite Divide

The basics are as follows:

The majority of the world’s billion-odd Muslims are Sunnis. Approximately 10 to 15 percent of all Muslims follow the Shiite branch (pronounced Shi‘ite, Shi‘a or Shia). Beyond that, it gets slightly complicated: Who lives where, and why the differences and conflicts between them? The answer is less daunting than it seems.

Sunni Muslims include 84%–90% of all Muslims. Sunni means “tradition,” and Sunnis regard themselves as those who emphasize following the traditions of Muhammad and of the first two generations of the community of Muslims that followed Muhammad.

A number of movements to reform Islam have originated mainly in the 20th century. Some are limited to one country and others have a broader influence. Most are Sunni movements, such as the Wahhabis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Jama`at-i-Islami.


Hizb ut Tahrir the Global Islamic Political Party working for the reestablishment of Khilafah, Caliphate.

Sunnis form the overwhelming majority in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. More disturbing though, is that the Sunni Muslims predominantly occupy the western countries where they have settled. Which is something to be worried about.

Shiites form the majority only in Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, and Azerbaijan, but they constitute sizable minorities in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen.

At heart, Sunnis and Shiites are like Catholics and Protestants in the commonality of some fundamental beliefs. But their differences, especially in nations where the Sunni-Shiite split is exacerbated by each other’s proximity (as in Iraq and Lebanon), run so deep that intolerance and violence shadow the two groups, making coexistence difficult.

More so dangerous the Sunni Muslims in western countries have their own government agenda in stripping away democracy and freedoms of the host country. Islamic schools are formed teaching the caliphate as their law to be followed and enforced. They definitely support all terrorist groups around the world collectively as the worldwide Ummah. The Sunni Muslims do not believe in peace at all, they believe in control of all Muslims and non Muslims worldwide.

Actually they do believe in peace sorry, the only part they leave out though, “is once you have submitted to Allah,” sneaky isn’t it?

Shia on the other hand do promote peace with everyone, but they follow the Hadith, not Muhammad’s dictatorship in the Qur’an of overthrowing countries. Sunni Muslims see shia’s as not true followers of Islam as they reject the caliphate, this is why you see many Muslims being killed. Shia Muslims are predominantly passive, unlike the Sunni.

The Sunni Muslims are guided by the Muslim Brotherhood which is the largest terrorist organization in existence. Following what is called The Project, documents of infiltration into the modern world and democratic countries. The sole purpose of the Muslim Brotherhood is to bring western countries down to their knees and attacking them from within. In history we know of the Trojan Horse, but in these modern times it is now a Trojan Pig.


Sunni coast Mr Dilbaz Khan is a sly character, Sunni Muslims CAN NOT be trusted at all. To your face they are very kind, full of smiles, accommodating & accepting. Sunni Muslims condemn and display disgust towards terrorism

( The soldiers of Islam ).

Secretly they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the caliphate. A Sunni Muslims life, depends on secrecy and deception.

They are certainly not going to go running around admitting they want your country and will implement sharia law on everyone, Muslim or not.

Some actually do though, their arrogance is absolutely astonishing, yet people choose to ignore this?

Below is video evidence of who the true Sunni Muslims believe & support. Taken in Lakemba: thousands in the street chanting take over Australia with the welcoming of the caliphate.


So back to Mr Dilbaz, can he be trusted?

Number 1: He is deceptive and evaded child support.
Number 2: He supports the caliphate. Number 3: He is a Sunni Muslim. Number 4: He objects and does not approve of the Australian government.
Number 5: He has excepted the restrictions from Sunshine Coast council for now.
Number 6: Women are segregated from the men.
Number 7: His first preference is for the women to stay home.

I will have to update to see if Maroochydore mosque is suing Sunshine Coast to change restrictions. As it is becoming clear they deceptively accept original requirements but soon turn around & sue the council to change the original agreement.