To Mr Bolt.
My name is Melissa ******.

I recently watched your episode on the Mr Cheng murder & the 15yr old that was sacrificed by his family & mosque for the good of Allah/Islam.

I thought it important to provide you with strong evidence of how Islam operates. Since the beginning of this year 2015, I have researched extensively into studies of Islam by world renowned scholars. I dove in deep you could say learning & studying Muslims behavior directed from the Qur’an.

You could pick out a 1000 random Muslims & they all will be following some form of jihad on several levels, instructed from the Qur’an directly. From all different angles Muslims are playing a role, smiling to your face BUT in their heart & mind they are your superior. Their true goal  & intentions are to dominate over any non-believer, dominate any country they enter.

In delving into Islam it has thrust me into politics. If the subject of religion wasn’t bad enough to sink my teeth in, I am now consumed of politics to. You cannot learn Islam without falling into politics, as Islam is political in nature. So it has been a pretty rough road, with the two taboo subjects you are not meant to speak about as it causes much trouble lol? I simply have to laugh, otherwise I would of run off scared or turned insane by now.

Battling Islam is an uphill battle, Islam has operated perfectly for 1400yrs, bar the wipe out of the ottoman empire.

As you know the government & mainstream media are doing everything in their power to play down, what Islam is & what they want. Turnbull, Bishop & Shorten are lap dog’s of the United Nations. The United Nations that are corrupted to the core with the G77 & OIC power of control over all, directing their barbaric agenda. They themselves are never brought before justice (the Islamic & Indonesian countries). They have the voting block, which prevents them from being prosecuted.

The “deliberate planned outing” of our honorable Mr Abbott was solely to fulfil the United Nations agenda of worldwide control (legalized power this time). Pushing the farce of global warming for decades to scare citizens into doomsday. The United Nations could of stopped starvation thousands of times over, could of built infrastructure in the third world countries thousands of times over, could of stopped the ongoing war’s IF THEY WANTED, they have the resources “OUR MONEY” to of accomplished all of this decades ago. But yet THEY HAVEN’T. The conspiracy of agenda 21, now agenda 30 is that IT IS ACTUALLY TRUE, that is the conspiracy.

Now YOU, WE & ME need to ask WHY?

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There are a few reasons:

1/ They are letting these barbaric countries & leaders CULL the nations, killing off disadvantaged destitute people worldwide. The countries that hold power of the United Nations who have been starving, enslaving & killing their own.

Now they have hit another stage, opening the doors to the western world, to begin THEIR JIHAD openly against us.

2/ They have built global concern, to reel us in, to sign these wonderful peacekeeping treaties to save the world over the years. Instead of our taxes building up Australia & it’s citizens to live an easy life. These barbaric countries (in the United Nations) order all countries involved in United Nations treaties to sink trillions into their barbaric countries WHICH THEY CREATED with sharia lifestyle & LAW. The LAW OF ALLAH.

2/ Spending billions on false information & publicity to convince the world of global warming. No scientific evidence supports these global warming claims, they have some hack leading the outright lie. Evidence supports THE OPPOSITE, that it is a natural cycle that will actually IMPROVE the planet.

The past year I had been informing our honorable Mr Abbott of much information he needed to understand. He was learning a great deal & was making changes, realising the gravity of the Islamic & United Nations plan. A plan that has been in the work’s since the 1930’s.

I have been very impressed how you have started to tackle Islam head on & I would like to hand you over the ammunition to bring reality to the public. The ammunition of truth, which is being suppressed at every turn.

I myself am a born again Christian, it is my duty to fight against Islam & the new world order. It is all in the King James bible warning us of Islam & NWO.

For these exact reasons is why Christianity is attacked as truth. Family values, tradition, what is right or wrong, all boundaries being stretched to what really shouldn’t be day to day acceptable behavior. The United Nations letting IS (Obama’s mercenaries) etc destroy factual historical evidence of Christianity being true. The evidence being blown up & demolished which backs up the scriptures truth which is written. Archeologists are discovering evidence continually now, affirming scriptures word. That as well is written in the bible. Everything happening & what has happened is all in the bible.

That’s why decades of governments worldwide have bred people to think a certain way. Creating atheists specifically to suppress & cover up truth. To create generations to believe in global warming, to censor the knowledge of the true Islam. To create people, a world of drones thinking the same. All this planned by the worldwide elite since the 1900’s.

I am in an outrage at Mr Turnbull he infuriates me, he has had a hand in destroying the meaning of marriage, distorting values, destroying our constitution which is meant to protect us from corruption, trying to remove the monarchy since the 80’s.

Turnbull has weaved a web of deception & intricate changes to Australian policies, to bring us to this exact year 2015.

IMG_540642767943854The 2015 United Nations treaty will be the first legally binding contract that hands us over to United Nations full control.
Below video of Lord Monckton:

Global Warming Treaty 20/12/2015 / Please read this very very important article from Daniel Nalliah

A treaty that is scheduled to be signed December 11, 2015. The rumors are that “apparently” Turnbull & Bishop have signed this agreement in secret very recently. For the first time in history this will be the first legally binding agreement. Our politicians for decades have been committing treason against us all! But what can we do about it? Absolutely nothing, if the high court won’t hold the constitution to it’s full power, there is absolutely nothing. We basically DO NOT have a constitution it has been manipulated so much. Our court’s are illegal (only the high court is legal courtroom according to constitution), our councils (everything they control is illegal), ATO is illegal, two party preffered government is illegal (each Mp is meant to be an independent), selling off Australia’s assets illegal, lawyers using US law & guidelines NOT CONSTITUTION is illegal, bank practices illegal (variable interest illegal for Eg).

Swearing allegiance to Australia on a bloody Qur’an is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. Accepting dangerous people into the country ILLEGAL, especially when they outright threaten harm, ignore our law’s & are legally trying to change our law.

Islam has their own law SHARIA above all law, Islam has their own moral guidelines & standards (the life of Muhammad) Sharia is a way to live of every aspect of life (it is not just punishment).

The Qur’an, the god in the Qur’an is treacherous, barbaric, is the best deceiver, is unforgiving, is dominant over all religion, a murderer, a planner & schemer, hateful, despises non Muslims, demands death or submission of all mankind, demands destruction of religious artifacts.


What our governments have done for decades is very much “treasonous behavior”, signing Australia & it’s citizens over to a foreign SELF ELECTED power is highly illegal. Referendums are 100% meant to govern this country. The United Nations power is steered by all the Arabic / Indonesian inhumane countries. The countries totally responsible for starving & killing their own people, they actually call the shots, the G77 & OIC.

Obama, United Nations, monarchy, the Vatican & EU are using Islam to bring countries into ruin. Islam is destruction on itself (look at their countries), look at their dominant governments. Islam is being used by the WORLD ELITE to destroy safety, tear apart democracy, to bring nations to complete financial collapse. It is unimaginable the level of deception that has been carried out for decades. It is unimaginable the utter evil of their mind’s & our bloody politicians support Obama & the UN what an utter disgrace? Omg how can we morally support Isis, IS etc & all the slaughter they cary out? MY GUESS why our parliament say daesh now, is because they have found out Isis is run by Obama. We have been signed over into a communist style of power, a few times to a non elected, SELF ELECTED power. The outright evil being executed against citizens worldwide is phenomenal. SAUDI ARABIA being now head of HUMAN RIGHTS, really?


Several decade’s of corrupted parliament leader’s planning western countries demise & destruction.

Isis is controlled & paid for from Obama. Putin has had the strong stance on this & publicly outed Obama, it has been brilliant. Boy oh boy do I & many thousands wish we had Putin as our leader. He actually cares about his country, people & their safety. What does Obama do? Creates ISIS, IS, DAESH, what ever they’re called for this month, pays them & arm’s them with sophisticated weapons?

Obama & the EU flooding Europe  (The world) deliberately with Isis & barbaric cultures is devastating. Isis (which is Obama) threatened in 2013 they would infiltrate Europe if western forces did not withdraw. Trying to bring down Assad (a Shia Muslim), the Sunni Muslims enemy. Sunni Muslims are the mass majority (are driven by invasion) 85%-90% of all Muslims. Sunni Muslims strictly follow the implementation of a caliphate. (Eg: Ottoman empire). Sunni Muslims are referred to as the worldwide Ummah. Shia Muslims are apostates according to Sunni Muslims, complete filth in Sunni Muslims eye’s, as they reject the Ummah.

Europeans have been deliberately put in danger at the hand’s of their treacherous plan of legal worldwide control (Obama, Cameron, Turnbull, Bishop, Shorten, G77 & OIC (Muslim Brotherhood) EU & UN to bring down every single western country down into ABSOLUTE RUIN. All of us, you & me are deliberately being put in danger at the highest level.

I will stop there, as I could talk forever on all these strategical plays of chess. I will now provide you the cold hard evidence you need. Which in fact has already been written thousands of year’s ago.
I need to mention that proper Christians follow new testament. Muslims do not know of knew testament, Muhammad kept it from them.
The Christian God is not military, is not political, does not order death or torture, does not lie, does not hate or despise, does not kill or curse, he is not corrupted.
The Qur’an is absolutely proven fabricated 100%, the Qur’an does not have the same god. The Qur’an is pure evil & sanctions every inhumane act you could think of. They pray to Satan unknowingly & carry out despicable behavior against mankind. But Muslims100% believe it is the divine word from god (aka Muhammad). Muslims MUST strictly follow & enforce what is written. To be a Muslim there is no choice but not to.
There are 100’s of contradictions written within the Qur’an, so in turn Muhammad created abrogation. The later verse cancels out the previous UNLESS they need to use a previous verse for what ever means! So even if two verses completely contradict each other they can be used. (Depends on what the situation is?). Muslims are TOLD TO LIE (if it furthers the spread of Islam it is acceptable) it is completely & utterly acceptable to do so! Allah their god condone’s it as a requirement to further Islam. They are told, Allah says he is THE BEST OF ALL DECEIVERS. They are told to mass produce, the children are FUTURE SOLDIERS of Allah. Allah teaches that martyrdom is the highest level a Muslim can reach. They teach that DEATH is BETTER & more HONORED than LIFE. That IS WHY CHILDREN KILL WITH NO CONSCIOUS, why they are happy to die. They are honored by their parents, family & the community for doing so. Parents feel honored offering up their children to DIE FOR ALLAH’S CAUSE.
Every atrocity being committed by Muslims worldwide IS WRITTEN in the Qur’an. Islam is political, Islam is a war manual, Islam is proven false. So much truth is withheld from Muslims. They are forbidden to look beyond the Qur’an & Hadith’s for truth. Islam is a totalitarian sharia driven lifestyle, it cannot be changed, it is forbidden.
I will also say, that Muslims themselves are 100% deceived & the way the Qur’an is structured it is like shackles. There are nice Muslims, but they follow the Qur’an. WHICH MAKES EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!
If they LEAVE Islam & become an apostate, that is when you have a safe PERSON.
ONLY THEN you are in SAFE company.
I told our honorable Mr Abbott to search & find apostates, as they are the only ones that hold the truth of Islam & Muslims. The reality is YOU CAN’T TRUST A MUSLIM FULL STOP, it is that simple. A Muslim will protect a Muslim no matter what they have done. Why do you think that worldwide Muslims are trying to silence people at every turn, where ever it might be? Why they have petitioned the UN for blasphemy law’s to be introduced, SO NO ONE can question the validity of Islam, SO NO ONE can condemn the behavior instructed in the Qur’an.
Even if you show disgust in an ACTUAL DEPLORABLE act committed by Muhammad (the truth written), it is blasphemy according to sharia. Which carries the DEATH PENALTY.
 For example:
1/ Muhammad had sex with his DEAD aunt. Reason being, so she would be accepted into paradise. With Muhammad sleeping with her she became blessed being with the prophet.
(Muhammad state’s clearly that Hellfire is full of women, as they are the sinners in society)

Why is our government ignoring the warnings from some European and Asian countries? They are closing down mosque’s, deporting Muslims, banning the Qur’an in Arabic, banning beards, banning traditional clothing, banning the burka banning halal. Are Aussie Muslims different from around the world? Do they hold in their possession an “Aussie oka” Qur’an? No they don’t, look at what has happened to Lebanon and Jordan, once Christian countries! That WILL someday be Australia, if regulations are not put in place immediately!

Australian Muslims are instructed from the very same evil Qur’an with an evil FALSE god. (Aka prophet Muhammad). The Hadith is a book on the life of Muhammad, who THEY MUST emulate, it is a fascinating read. An extremely disturbing read. You don’t even have to read a Qur’an to understand Islam, just read the life of Muhammad. He is the one & only guide of who to follow for Muslims, their perfect man, their moral compass.

There is a reason why Muhammad was poisoned, the first thing he did on his pilgrimage to Mecca from Medina was slaughter approximately 700 Jews (the whole tribe), a Jewish lady in the end was responsible for his death. Poetic justice if you ask me, he slaughtered the tribe because he dreamt they poisoned his water. Prophet Muhammad is an animal, a vicious, venomous soldier of Satan himself. You could not find any other person closer to evil than Muhammad, killing 3000 people personally before his death.

But his evil carries on with the Qur’an & it’s blind following. The evil will never stop.
Islam is more so dangerous now, with transport & technology. It, the Qur’an & it’s people are now in all of ours back yards. The British empire destroyed the ottoman empire with the crusades, the Ummah is here again, The Muslim Brotherhood (Hizb ut Tahrir) are very powerful. Key leader’s of the Muslim Brotherhood were granted asylum here in 1968.

Our governments are now using Islam to their advantage, TO DESTROY US. Letting them grow more powerful & larger every day. To use them to slaughter us like cattle, like the middle east & Indonesian countries.

Honorable Mr Tony Abbott was realising the immediate danger we were facing, we were able to open his eye’s. He was our security & the United Nations (the 1% elite) destroyed him, removed him out of power prior to election and replaced him with traitorous Turncoat.

Did you know slam’s official start date was the slaughter of several hundred Jewish tribal people, the enslavement of women & children, the submission of pagan meccan’s. The pilgrimage to Mecca represents the beginning of Islam. The beginning which was founded on gallons of blood. The “arab pagan tribes” heathen in nature Muhammad grew up with for 42 year’s. He left Mecca with his dreamt revelations of him being the last prophet. He left Mecca as the tribes he grew up with laughed in his face basically & did not believe him. He returned to Mecca when he was strong & powerful, had an army of new followers ( called Muslims). Invaded, divided & conquered, a place that he used to call home. Behind him his newly formed false totalitarian ideology complete with devoted followers.

Islam has never changed, invade, divide & conquer it is that simple. Islam is forbidden to be changed, death penalty if you leave. The Qur’an & the Allah of the Qur’an is death, destruction & submission in it’s entirety. That is the cycle & driving force of continuous destruction to all humankind. Islam will never stop the same path that Muhammad ordered. It is like a wrecking ball, that never finishes swinging.

Islam is the religion of peace,
ONCE YOU HAVE SUBMITTED, there is peace. They don’t tell the full verse, they exclude the best part?
That’s how Muslims get away with so much, they only pick out bits and pieces to tell people. Everything they accuse people of THEY ARE THE ACTUAL PERPETRATORS.
It is more important to study the exact word’s chosen by Muslims and the word’s THEY DON’T include, they never give you the full chapters. Perfect example is above, as after all, Allah is the best OF ALL DECEIVERS who they have learnt from.
Oh and the famous saying they quote about “to kill one is like to kill all, to save one is to save all of mankind”.
THAT WAS DECLARED TO THE JEWS TO FOLLOW. That quote has NOTHING to do with muslims AT ALL. See these following verses from the Islamic holy books, it states CHILDREN OF ISRAEL.

Chapter (5) sūrat l-māidah (The Table spread with Food)

Sahih International: Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.

Pickthall: For that cause We decreed for the Children of Israel that whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs (of Allah’s Sovereignty), but afterwards lo! many of them became prodigals in the earth.

Yusuf Ali: On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.

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On a personal note I should let you know, I had an extremely fatal motorcycle accident in 2008. I say fatal as I actually died a couple of times, I have an ABI plus physical disabilities as a result. So you might notice my writing structure can be not quiet right or my spelling is wrong, luckily dictionary helps me a lot.

This accident I guess has made me a bit obsessive compulsive especially with the subject of Islam. But I think god actually gave me this as a gift, so I can learn & fight against Islam with truth. On a daily basis I forgot an incredible amount of things, but anything Islam sticks. It is very strange to say the least.

Ok, on that note again I’ll sign off. If you need any more information on specific things I have mentioned, I can give it to you as I have plenty of information saved.

I have a blog site where I write, Aussie Stealth Patriots reborn, which I’ll give you link’s to.