HALAL DISCRIMINATION. What is all the fuss about? Why are every day Aussie’s suddenly jumping up and down? Why are people turning into bigots? Is halal a religious tax?

Halal was introduced into Australia around 1974.

Halal certification worldwide has become a very lucrative business in deed, for Muslim benefit ONLY. It is estimated that halal industry will reach a reported 1.6 trillion US dollars per annum globally by 2018, with an estimated growth of 6.9%.

( AUS just shy of 2.1 TRILLION dollars )

ACCORDING TO MR HALAL AUSTRALIA IT IS CURRENTLY: 3 trillion per annum worldwide.

“The Dubai exhibits estimates halal market to be US$3.2 trillion dollars annually; whereas, Malaysian experience also estimates on the Malaysia target to be between 500 and 600 million of U.S. dollars annually.

“This is because, in reality, halal certification did not just stop at food it has been spread to non-food products, but it also includes services such as logistics, hotels, restaurants and many other area’s to many to list.

Halal scheme is set up as a pyramid system, which means certification is being charged from start to finish. From farm to plate, there is easily approximately five separate charges. For example the farmer, transport, abattoir, packaging, transport, store.

Halal scam time line!-20150619-075056321

How on earth can food be contaminated after it is packaged? It simply can’t be, but yet non Muslim truck drivers are losing their job’s?

There is evidence of abattoir’s paying roughly $30,000 monthly. Cadbury’s apparently around $50,000 monthly. A small kebab shop around $5000 monthly.

[ It has been estimated the total certification income from paddock to a kebab shop is approximately $364,000 ]



One Queensland processor stated that it had been quoted $27,000 per month in Halal certification fees through Indonesia’s top Islamic body, The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) endorsed certifier – almost four times the amount that the Brisbane-based Australian Halal Food Services (AHFS) organisation charges. The AHFS has since been suspended for certifying lower fees than what MUI demand.

The charges work on the percentage of an individual company’s turnover.

Halal is affecting all of us directly whether your religious or not.


* Exorbitant fees that are being charged.

* Halal boards claim it is non for profit.

* It has created jobs, but at the same time is pushing people OUT of job’s.

* The cattle are terrorized, feel all the pain, suffer shock & suffocate. The spinal cord is left intact so the animal experiences every horrible second.

* Muslims are allowed to eat kosher slaughtered food and can consume non halal food. Allah permits this if halal is not available.


* Halal is for Muslims only. No other religion is permitted to consume halal.

For example : Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Hari Christeners, Anglican, Seven Day Adventist & so on.

(Religious beliefs forbid these people from eating food offered to idols)

1 Cor. 10:20 But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.

21 Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.


Halal slaughter is an act of worship ( a sacrifice ) to Allah, the god of Islam, a false religion dating from 622AD.


Mohammed’s father was called Abdullah, which means ‘slave of Allah’. The worship of Allah was well-established long before Mohammed was born in 570 AD. Modern scholars identify Allah with Sin (as in Sinai), the god of the moon, a position reinforced by the crescent moon atop every mosque. All Mohammed said was that Allah alone was to be worshipped of all the idols in Mecca . Even today, Allah’s idol in Mecca is a black stone, held sacred by Muslims

Sikhs beliefs on halal certified meat

1. Consumption of ritualized and sacrificial meat provides no inherent spiritual or physical value. Focusing on good meaningful deeds and avoidance of actions that are negative is the direction for a Sikhi lifestyle.

2. In keeping the tradition of sovereignty and honoring the spirit of our ancestors we refrain from a practice that was a sign of slavery and hegemony

3. For those that have made a public declaration of their allegiance to the Guru (Khandey ki Pahul) this injunction of not consuming halal (interpreted as sacrificial meat) is a serious enough promise that if broken requires them to present themselves to the Five Sovereign Ones again.




[Buddhist monk Kirama Wimala Jothi has urged Sri Lanka’s non-Muslim majority to boycott any product with the halal label and asked the government to outlaw Islamic clerics issuing such certification.]

[“More than 90 percent of the population are Buddhists, Hindus and Christian and therefore there is no justification to force them to eat halal products,” he said.

The monks are demanding shops clear their stocks of halal food by April.]


Muslims say that from their perspective there’s nothing wrong if Christians or Buddhist will eat halal foods.( Except we are not allowed by OUR faith )

It’s just a matter of choice if you like it or not; but if you outlaw the selling of halal products, then that’s another matter. You are depriving the people of their freedom to choose.

[ The way I read that it should apply to Non-Muslims, our choice is currently taken ]

SRI LANKA: Buddhists are mad as Hell and demanding an end to Islamic Halal desecration of their food supply

[ Conversely, the halal certification process is now seen as a violation of the Rights of the Majority who want traditional foods and food services. ]


1/ From the Qur’an: Things good and pure: and what ye have taught your trained hunting animals (to catch) in the manner directed to you by Allah; eat what they catch for you but pronounce the name of Allah over it: and fear Allah; for Allah is swift in taking account.

2/ From the Qur’an: This day are (all) things good and pure made lawful unto you. The food of the People of the Book is lawful unto you, and yours is lawful unto them.

3/ Halal and Haram are ONLY for consumable products. Absolutely nothing else comes into it.




The one who slaughters the animal must be eithera Muslim, Jew or Christian.

The board directly state’s – Everything is HARAM unless certified by the board? Opposite to Qur’an verses. The religion & certification boards are corrupt. We are owed our rite as Australians, of having our freedom of choice honored.

Nuts (Jewish advisory)

ONLY when bearing KA Logo on back labenon-shelled or shelled unprocessed (i.e. unsalted, uncoated, unroasted, unground) almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts may be used.

As some nuts may be coated or treated with Kitniyot or chametz coatings, consumers must ensure that shelled nuts have no coatings.

* * If in doubt purchase only those with a reliable hechsher.* *

The Kashrut Authority has supervised the milling of shelled nuts and these are available bearing the Authority’s seal. Please check label.

[ As you can see from the above paragraph advice is given & when in doubt look for a label. ] Jewish sealed products do not dominate the market & do not charge insane fees. They don’t charge for transport, or push people out of different employment.

So the questions are as follows:

* Why are companies paying for cleaning products, cat food, condoms, petroleum, shampoo, logistics, make-up, accommodation, conditioner for example, to bare the Halal logo from board’s?

* Why are non Muslims growing the religion of Islam? We do not want to support someone else’s religion full stop, I don’t buy kosher & I don’t want to buy halal.

Every cent collected from halal goes directly to building the Islam empire! An empire that I don’t agree with as being good.

The very successful empire spreading Islam globally (islamification).

Mosques, Islamic elderly care, Islamic schools, Islamic boarding school’s, Islamic banking, jihadist terrorism, Islamic child care, training land, buying security agencies, buying Australia post, bribery of local councils, infiltration of government, purchase of utilities.

* Halal dominates approximately 80% of the whole Australian market in items. Dominating 100% of the halal production line’s. Only 3% is necessary to cater to Muslims of Australia.

Where are the halal supermarket sections? There are no halal sections, every jar of vegemite is halal, all sugar is halal, all bread is halal, Coles meat is halal.

There are vegetarian or gluten free sections. Why cant there be specific halal sections? Why is the mass majority of Australians (97%) having halal pushed onto them with no say so?

* Halal certification is ONLY for consumable products according to the Qur’an. So why are there 100’s possibly 1000’s of NON consumable products being certified?

Clothing, shoes, cutlery, hotels, logistics, pet food, condoms, cleaning products, make up, transportation, packaging, accommodation the list is endless.


* Naturally halal item’s shouldn’t require halal certification from a board.

* In Australia it is estimated around 500,000 Muslims ( 700,000 according to Mr Halal ) reside in Australia. Last senses was 2011, some don’t fill in the form’s due to language & illiteracy. Many are advised not to give information to the government. So who really knows a true and accurate count?

[ My suggestion is unemployment, tax & license offices need to cross check information to be accurate. See how many are really here under the radar! ]

So why is halal dominating all grocery item’s, catering to approximately 24 MILLION Australian citizens? When approximately 97% of people do not require halal & more importantly are FORBIDDEN to consume halal?

Companiesare DELIBERATELY withholding labelling from packaging?

[ Isn’t the whole point of certification is so Muslims know what is halal? ]

Certified companies are going so far as to NOT display on their website! I also was told that a company refused to divulge the information over the phone, because they were Non-Muslim.

* Halal is pushing people out of work as they are non-Muslim. Slaughter staff, transport drivers, diesel mechanics, general staff. Will it eventually go to production line, packaging and stocking shelves?


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Muslims get to rise up and get together against CEN Halal standard interference.

MAY 15TH 2015

Posted by Secretariat in GENERAL

Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, We all agree that Halal is a pure Islamic issue and Halal standardization and certification cannot be a working-field for non-Muslims. Any Muslim religious issue is the sole prerogative of Muslims, especially their respective religious authorities.

* These blatant plans dominating the world, to simply line their pockets off the backs of Non-Muslim people.

* Building the Islamic empire globally on our dollars. Mosques, sharia banking, Islamic elderly care, Islamic child care, Islamic schools, Islamic doctors, Islamic law, Islamic state, Islamic training land, Islamic boarding for boys. Our money funneled through to terrorism.

* Halal is discrimination against every religious person worldwide. As with good spiritual conscious cannot except halal.

* The utmost level of bigotry against every Non-Muslim. As their is no consideration what so ever for other’s.

* The most racist religion in existence. They denounce every single religion as being valid.

Mr Halal Australia ( Mohamed Elmouelhy ) is exceptionally rude, discriminatory, condescending, smug, racist and the most bigoted person I have ever encountered in my life. He has no respect for other religions what so ever, as well as no respect for other’s opinions. Thousands of people can’t stand him with very good reasons, as you will notice the way he speaks and boast’s to people. Boasting how halal has made him a very rich man!



Mohamed Elmouelhy

So many ignorant English speakers think that the word “God” is reserved for their deity. I have news for them, every language has an equivalent name for Him. In Italian it is Idio, in Spanish it is Dios, in German it is Got, French it is Dieu, in Arabic it is Allah. The name Allah is used by both Christian and Muslims Arabic speakers. The Name conjures up different meaning for different for different people, for Christians they Imagine a Father, a Son and a Holy Ghost, for Muslims it is the Father alone to the exclusion of all else.

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[ FACTS – Arab tribes gave the Moon-god different names/titles. The names/titles? Sin, Hubul, Ilumquh, Al-ilah.]

The title “al-ilah” (god) was used for the Moon-god in Muhammad’s tribe? The word “Allah” derived from “al-ilah”

[FACT- *Al lah is an Arabic word for god but Allah from Muhammad’s teachings is the moon god* 360 pagan god’s existed, The highest god was the Moon-God who used to be also called Hubul, Sin, Ilumquh and Al-ilah, Muslims fulfill these pagan rituals of the moon-god]

More of MO-20150619-080119267_1

Mohamed Elmouelhy

Even if you take your foil hat off you are still ignorant. Animals slaughtered halal are stunned first. Muslims only worship the Creator to the exclusion of all else.

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Mr Halal laughing all the way to the bank!
Mr Halal laughing all the way to the bank!

Mohamed Elmouelhy

You are repeating the same mantra on the bigots websites. If you had any intelligence you would do your own research. I repeat, Muslims do not worship any human. I have had my fun with you now it is time to shut the door. In your face.

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Mohamed Elmouelhy

As usual some Christians are only happy when they ram their religion down the throat of those who have a different belief, I they feel they have right on their side and show total disrespect for any other belief. A game I refuse to play, as my Quran tells me to say: “You have your religion and I have mine”.

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Another Mo Rant-20150619-074459327

Mohamed Elmouelhy

When the bigots write, they are so filled with hate and anger, blood rises to their heads and causes them to be confused coupled with lack of education, they usually never went to school beyond year nine. Pathetic bigots.

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Apologist lefties are screaming discrimination from the top of their lungs! That we are haters, racists, bigots, un-educated, small minded, Un-Australian, bogans, Muslim haters plus, dole bludgers etc.

Most of these people are not religious, so they blatantly don’t care about the majority. Nor do they care for their country, history & or democracy.

Muslims are sinking tens of millions into schools at different levels of education. Employing their chosen teacher’s and scholars, creating their very own learning formats, leaving out the truth and agenda of Islam. Brainwashing our children that Islam is peaceful & that they (Muslims) are victims of racism & bigotry!

For starters Islam is not a race & either are Muslims. They are a group of people who worship a false God, people that follow this god are called Muslims. Muslims didn’t exist before Islam was invented. Islam is proven to be false, worship of idol’s & a madman prophet.

Muhammad. (The one & only prophet of Islam) Muhammad is a textbook sociopath, who also attempted suicide on a couple of occasions. Was a rapist, thief, liar, selfish, delusional, murderer, warlord, slave runner, very charming, a conqueror, polygamist & pedophile. To all Muslims he is – the perfect example of man. The Qur’an revolves around Muhammad, his sex life, personal desires, which amazingly are revealed in revelations from Allah? Quiet convenient coincidence that Muhammad’s desires were always granted.

Islam is a complete life ideology for ALL to follow, not just Muslims (everyone).

Many halal board’s have been found to have terrorist link’s. To assume it doesn’t exist in Australia is just simply preposterous! As halal boards have been found out in the past, I am sure they’ve learnt to cover their track’s better.


There has been a massive uprising of people against halal. I myself was only 3 when it came to Australia in 1974. It has only been the last year really, that I have been aware of it. My parents never spoke about halal, so I’ve been none the wiser. A mass majority of Australians would of had the same circumstances. Which explains the sudden rise in awareness. We are parents & grand parents who can see through this utter scam.

I do not like Islam, I don’t agree with what it teaches, it is more political & war related. Their prophet was and is a text-book psychopath, so I will not support it at all & nor do I have to.

I do not support giving money to any religion for them to spread and grow, so why should I support Islam? Halal spreads Islam, so it most definitely falls under a religious payment.

Islam is not a part of my life & I wish it to stay that way.

Every single person has choices in their life & I intend to exercise that rite.

Why does this one group get to push it’s beliefs on everyday people?


When it comes down to it, it is immoral to do so. Not to mention against our constitution. Companies, government, Islam & halal need to acknowledge this, as it is not on!

Our democratic system is not meant to allow this and it is time it comes to an end for Australian citizens.

unnamed (30)

UPDATE: I would like to mention kosher practices just quickly.

1/ They only slaughter what is exactly required for their community.

2/ With the cut to the throat they sever the spinal cord, absolutely no pain or terror felt.

3/ They only sell kosher in kosher butcher shop’s.

4/ Not just any Jew can slaughter, they are limited in numbers and are extremely skilled.

5/ Jewish people absorb all related costs.