The title says it all.
Another good samaritan bites the dust at the hands of an immigrant.

sharia unveiled

Celle Germany - Teacher Murdered 1

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by, Chris Tomlinson | Breitbart News | Jana Godau & Eberhard Wedler @ | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop

The chief suspect in a brutal murder case that has been the source of speculation in Germany for over a month has been revealed as an Afghan asylum seeker.

The small town of Celle, near Hanover, is a quiet medieval town that wouldn’t look out of place on a German postcard. In February this year residents were shocked when a maths teacher from one of the local high schools was reported missing after he didn’t show up to work. After searching every room in his home and seeing a trail of what looked to be blood, the teacher, known as “Mehdi H.” was discovered dead by one of his work colleagues in a pool of…

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