LABOR and GREENS political party’s ENCOURAGING VIOLENT GANGS to physically attack people AUSTRALIAWIDE who oppose their Fabian/Communist/Socialist society.
The No Room For Racism organiser, *Yarra councillor Stephen Jolly*, said Bendigo [last year] residents had had enough of racists targeting their city. [Now ex councillor, was part of socialist political groups, which many have been de-registered.]
Residents do not want mosque there.
The corruption UNVEILED with POLICE and MAINSTREAM media VICTORIA.
The papers have stated that UPF were there, this is simply NOT TRUE.
I am aware of ONE PERSON of UPF in attendance. With the papers saying it the way they did we would assume a massive hard line group were attending and it simply is not the case.
BELOW violent attack caught on tape.
EXTRACT FROM 7 NEWS I’ve taken press statements out of the article, to point out the obvious deliberate deception and how corruption must of ordered the police to stand back.
* Point 1: Nick Folks & company were holding an arranged *PEACEFUL ANTI HALAL* demonstration on the opposite side of the street from the halal expo. They were not violent extremists!
Their aim was opposing the barbaric sacrificial halal slaughter methods used in Islam where animals suffer SEVERE HORROR, SHOCK and PAIN. Other countries have banned ritual slaughter.

7 News stated: Protesters wearing balaclavas clashed with extremists who had gather to demonstrate outside the show grounds. The all in brawl unfolded in front of horrified families.

Point 2: ONLY ANTIFA WERE WEARING BALACLAVA’S they approached fast throwing punches immediately, kicking and grabbed people aggressively throwing them to the ground.
IT WAS NOT AN ALL IN BRAWL AT ALL. That implies that both groups were ready for a head on fight.
* An all in brawl IS NOT being blindsided out of the blue and set upon viciously!
Point 3: ANTIFA STOLE protesters flags and banners then used those poles as weapons against the shocked crowd.
7 News stated: Punches were thrown. They wrestled on the ground. Flags were even used as weapons.
* Point 4: Police LET the Antifa crowd directly approach Nick Folks and fellow demonstrators to physically attack them, people of all ages mind you! Not all were spring chickens!
ASSAULT AND BATTERY AGAINST ELDERLY PEOPLE REALLY? I now have lost all respect for Victorian city police and you Daniel Andrews Victorian premiere who blatantly spews out LIES of who instigates VIOLENCE at every single RALLY that’s been held. Well aren’t you lucky no elderly person was seriously hurt or killed?
Ryan Fletcher was taken to hospital though, injured quiet badly with a huge gash right above his eye.
WHAT IF THAT POLE WENT INTO HIS EYE Mr Andrews? The object could of easily PENETRATED THROUGH and into his eye, INSTANTLY KILLING HIM. What then you disgusting excuse for a man! Victims should start suing….
YOU [Daniel Andrews] and the JERK police officer that keeps appearing on TV in Victoria are directly at fault and should be terfed out so hard onto the pavement, because us Victorians know damn well you are both responsible, for having police at a distance, away from the scene!
* Point 5: Police previously over the years have held a strong line to separate opposing crowds, to prevent violence as they know full well that is what Antifa does they are ALWAYS VIOLENT.
Not to mention the brainwashed MOB mentality of the socialists you’ve bred with tax payers money, structuring Marxist Communist ideology throughout the school curriculum. Creating these intolerant monsters we see today!
[ANTI country, ANTI family, ANTI identity, ANTI white, ANTI Christian, ANTI moral, ANTI history]
Not to mention complete and utter disrespect for other’s, extremely intolerant, violence goes without saying and basically a pack of LIARS.
The government’s worldwide COMMUNIST / FABIAN views being played out perfectly against any person who loves their country, identity and does love the life they live. Going back generations to 1922 “Richard Coudenhove Kalergi” came up with the master plan to create a new homogeneous mixed breed comprising of Europeans, dark races and Asians. Mixing the gene pool to ultimately breed a more controlled race.
Our freedom, lives and cultural identities have been on the chopping block since then, but due to the sharp rise of fascism across Europe the agenda couldn’t be implemented.
In 1945 the Marxist Communist / Fabian agenda was officially put into place across the WHOLE WORLD which has signed our future death certificates and that is a literal statement. Australia had already accepted Asians and Europeans into the country. In the early 1950’s new migration agreements were signed to start bringing middle eastern immigrants to Australia.
The three races now implemented into Australia for our country to start inter-breeding.
For decades now our government has been building their communist army, under the FALSE banner of socialism. Under a “FALSE” guise of anti-racism, fighting for the minorities, supporting the desperate and so on.
When in actual fact you (our government)  and they are the most RACIST HATEFUL human beings alive.
unnamed (26)-20150713-223937671
A deliberate plan to tear apart families, destroy solid Christian values, wipe out religion and strip citizens ultimately of owning any private property.
* This is why Antifa and socialists have free rein in inflicting violence against the general community to silence any opposition to the United Nations. They are supported by our government officials, Labor, Greens plus Liberal with the aid of the educational institutions drilling the agenda in (the United Nations set curriculum worldwide). Literally THEY HAVE changed the mind set of how society thinks, what to accept and what to reject.
Labor and Greens obviously fund them off the taxpayers hard work, while at the same time they are undermining every soul in Australia. Paying protesters to intimidate in person and online, the mass manipulation of mainstream media WORLDWIDE. Saudi Arabia have taken full advantage of this divisive demise of the west, with the goal of implementing prophet Muhammad’s plan of worldwide caliphate.
* Pauline Hanson herself and her members have been physically attacked in the past on private premises, where even bricks were used to harm people and smash windows.
Related article below.
On FOUR or could even be FIVE separate previous occasions this year Antifa have attacked anti-Islam rally goers and POLICE OFFICERS!
The uprising of patriotic citizens across Australia has grown to large numbers quickly, as our country is being ruined right before our eye’s. It’s very easy to see where Australia can end up, given we have a looking glass by watching the destruction of Europe as we speak. All our media are under heavy censorship not reporting the daily nightmare that native Europeans are being subjected to. Police are not protecting the citizens, government leaders have put strict orders in place that everyone be silenced. Well, funny I should say that seeing what just happened last weekend at the halal protest.
Our leaders are throwing every sadistic road bloke in our way, manipulation and suppression of truth, arranging violent thugs to attack people in the street and ordering VICTORIAN police to not offer a protection line.
All this corruption is causing elevated levels of division within Australia and it will reach boiling point one day it’s a given. DIVIDE and CONQUER is the agenda of the United Nations, the New World Order. The only way we can defeat this Marxist Communist plan, is for the SOCIALISTS to wake the hell up and realise what’s been done to them. How they themselves have been deliberately manipulated and moulded to do the ELITES dirty work. There is so much information that has been kept from them so they are none the wiser to what they’re walking into. They cannot see the eminent danger standing right beside them, repeating the exact same fatal mistakes that other citizens made in their home countries. History cannot be denied, the evidence is right at your fingertips and you must wake up real quick.
** End of video makes admission **
** Another witness, Erik Anderson, said police struggled to contain the violence.
“The police didn’t have a handle on it at all,” he said. **
* Point 6: Police did not prevent or intervene on the direct attack until Nick Folks and company yelled out that Antifa had weapons. Only then did police come over to remove Antifa.
Continued testimony from Eric Anderson.
“After the fight I saw someone was badly injured, they were bleeding badly from their face. I don’t know if it was a knife or a metal implement that struck them.
* Point 7: Antifa arrived WITH weapons then STOLE flags on poles and used them as weapons in an unprovoked attack.
So why didn’t the police instantly arrest
*The police themselves were EYE WITNESSES to the violence?
Point 8: Below the police stated HIGH LEVEL of violence, does this mean the general public of Victoria are most definitely at risk where ever Antifa choose to go and whom ever they want to oppose?
Are police admitting derelict of duty, that they are not willing to protect the public from reoccurring attacks, just like Europe?
7 News / police statement:
Despite the high level of violence, police say no one was arrested.
March 13 Sydney ANTIFA ATTACK
BELOW news.com report (TRUTH)
It’s a rare occasion when media portray the actual truth of these violent attacks, rallies and picketing are ALWAYS PEACEFUL.
That is until the MINI COMMUNIST socialists and violent ANTIFA turn up! MJ
Anti-Islam and anti-fascist protesters clash in violent brawl at Halal expo in Melbourne
APRIL 4, 20167:11PM
Man hospitalised after Melbourne protests. [Peaceful protestor, MJ]
Nick Whighamnews.com.au
A MAN was taken to hospital after violent clashes broke out at a Halal expo in Melbourne on Sunday.
The ugly scenes were instigated by dozens of protesters, some wearing ski masks, who fought against a group picketing the event.
According to The Herald Sun, witnesses told police more than 30 men from anti-Islamic and anti-fascist groups clashed shortly after 12:30pm (AEST).
Photos from the event show one man lying on the ground bloodied, while other photos show the protesters throwing punches and bashing each other with signs. Meanwhile a number of men wearing ski masks were apprehended by police.
*** Authorities said one group was protesting outside the showgrounds, where the expo was being held, when a second group “moved through them” about 12.30pm. ***
An image taken during a clash between two protest groups outside an Halal Expo in Flemington. Photo: Erik AndersonSource:Supplied
Halal festival descends into violence
Punches were thrown as police struggled to quell the violence. One witness said the fighting only lasted a few minutes but was “very intense”.
A political group calling themselves Party For Freedom, which is opposed to multiculturalism and open borders, was responsible for picketing the expo.
************* They were reportedly met by anti-fascist group Antifa with members arriving in black clothing and covered faces.
“(Antifa protesters) rocked up in a group and started punching people,” witness Erik Anderson told the The Herald Sun.
“I saw some turn up, but then hide as they were waiting for more. Their intention when arriving was to start a fight. ***************
“It wasn’t one-sided once it started though.
“There was a lot of punches thrown, brawling people using flag (poles) to push people away,” he said.
A man believed to be affiliated with the Party For Freedom group was taken to hospital after suffering head injuries. He was reportedly in a stable, but serious condition.
*** The Antifa group have previously been involved with protests that marked the 10th anniversary of the Cronulla riots. ***
RECLAIM AUSTRALIA: Ugly images from the Melbourne protest, where someone was arrested for punching a horse
** someone is CODE for a violent socialist or anarchist **
BELOW another news report.
Through their ** United Nations ** guiding function for education agents and **stakeholders,** clear, inspired and motivational curriculum documents and materials play an important role in ensuring education quality.
Curriculum is implemented by teachers, and depends moreover on the quality of teaching and learning strategies, learning materials and assessment.
The process of implementation of the curricula and the related issues are dealt in a number of Analytical Tools which form the UNESCO General Education Quality Analysis/Diagnosis Framework (GEQAF) of which this Analytical Tool is just one.
This Analytical Tool is intended to support national education authorities **(i. e. decision shapers/makers; curriculum specialists; teacher trainers; assessment specialists)** to carry out a critical scanning of their curriculum “system” with a view to identifying the strong elements to be built upon, as well as the weaknesses/ shortcomings that hinder education quality.
After what you did and didn’t do, I would imagine you will no longer have any patriot support, NO BACK UP if you need help or protection from Antifa and the MINI bred COMMUNISTS.
** Climate change LIES, the communist campaign are teaching it as true **