One of my first articles I wrote in regards to child brides in AUSTRALIA

Political Newspaper

Written by MJ

Yes, it is permissible by Allah to have child bride’s & it is happening in Australia.

Sydney in Nsw, is becoming a hot spot for Islamic followers & atrocities. Islamic traditions are imbedded into the Qur’an & are carried out every single day. To some, it seems to not matter that we live in a civilized western society. To Muslims they have their law of Allah & western law’s are secondary.

This is to often their defense, Allah permits this, I am a Muslim & it is permissible! They’re happy to live in Australia, but to only live their way according to religious right.

More often than not I hear that it is not happening here in Australia. But that’s completely not the case.

Groom of 12yo ‘child bride’ in NSW jailed.

This man relentlessly pursued this child via text in late 2013. With month’s of…

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