Well after a year nothing has changed for consumers. It’s changed a bit for Cadbury though, loss of sales which is fantastic, keep up the boycotting Australia.

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CADBURY SEEM VERY DETERMINED TO IGNORE PUBLIC OUTCRY! I MYSELF HAVE WRITTEN TO CADBURY VOICING MY HALAL CONCERN! When will they wake up and realise Australian citizen’s do not want to fund a religion? WHEN WILL HALAL BOARD LOOSEN THEIR GRIP ON NON MUSLIMS? I won’t go into it myself as this letter covers it all. I am unsure who wrote this to Cadbury, but it was shared onto Boycott Halal page!


Post to page I couldn’t bit my tongue any longer so I told Cadbury what I think today. Dear Cadbury, soon to be known as Cadburied ….

I stopped buying your products about 18 months ago. I support ONLY companies who refuse to enter the halal rort. I bought $80 worth of Lindt and $38 worth of Darrell Lea chocolate for Easter, and I buy Lindt cooking chocolate instead of Cadbury or…

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