In all westernized countries the same slow creep is happening, where the Islamic community are flexing their dominant nature & integrating their Islamic guidelines onto other’s. No wonder people worldwide are resisting, they don’t follow or share Islamic beliefs and why should they / we? After all it is in the constitution TO NOT impose your religion onto others, so why the hell is it acceptable for Islam to rewrite the rules, why are they allowed to get away with it?
Also keep in mind that all other religions are stripped from schools but Islam is promoted, WHY?

Another important thing I’d like to draw your attention to and that is sharia loans within OUR bank’s! Muslims pay NO INTEREST on their loans as it goes against sharia law. Reason being, one person is receiving financial gain in this circumstance. Both parties must be equal and not have the upper hand over the other in all transactions. Another example is insurance, as you may never have a fire or car crash but the company still takes money.

So all Muslims worldwide don’t pay these costs, fantastic for them.


This thought process of being above all other’s is instilled into muslims in their infant year’s. They learn that they are superior, that a muslim women is half that of a man (other women have no worth: but to trade), also that only muslims are the only true believers worldwide. If anyone does not agree with Islamic text it means we are at war with Islam and are the enemy to their Allah. So no matter what we do bad or nice, bend over to be inclusive we will always be the enemies of Islam. Plenty of reference to support this mindset in Q SOCIETY article.

It is a muslims duty to convert every single person alive, in extreme conditions you are simply killed if you refuse to cross over. If you leave Islam you are abandoned by the community, family and friends. It is a crime to keep contact or give them sanctuary, Islam is 100% control of all thoughts and decision making. I mean Allah’s words are the final word’s to follow, Allah permits every sin that Jesus forbade. So how exactly can the muslim society reject Allah’s final words saying all non believers are the enemies?

Of course it would be fantastic if they stopped that mindset and even more fantastic if they kept their religion TO THEMSELVES, but in all honesty it is impossible because Dwah is a muslim must, to convert other’s.