One of my earlier articles researching how muslim women are treated in Islam.
It is very tragic that women are treated so horribly.

Political Newspaper

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Email (extract) I sent to reporter Alison Bevege. This freelance reporter should be commended and given a medal.

Late last year Alison attended a public event held by Hizb it – Tahrir. A very extreme Muslim political group. Which in other countries have been shut down. Alison was told she would have to sit with the Muslim women at the back of the building. Alison questioned this of course, voiced her right’s. He still insisted she would have to move to the rear or leave. In the end Alison did shift to a different chair

After being discriminated against at the function, reporter Alison Bevege has filed a discrimination suit against this radical group. Suing for $100,000 which is intended towards charity. It is well within her right’s, due to our Australian law’s. Also being a public seminar there is even less grounds for this rude shift.

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