DARK DAYS jihad within AMERICA

Below video: URGENT ATTENTION BANNED IN AMERICA Putin tells the world who is responsible for ISIS’S rise, who CREATED them, who PAYS them and who ARM’S them! Obama and the Whitehouse have been exposed.

BELOW URGENT ATTENTION: United Nations *allies*, Saudi Arabia, Obama, Jordan, Turkey, Quartr etc, trying to implement their MARXIST COMMUNIST New World Order agenda!

➡ UNITED NATION’S are traitors to mankind worldwide. ⬅


To be an American at the moment must be a pretty terrifying position to be in, or you are one VERY PISSED OFF American. I couldn’t imagine the anger you would have atm against your Obama the DARK ANGEL, undermining US armed forces, letting known mosque’s to breed terrorists, having Muslims throughout the most highest of security departments, an unsecured southern boarder?

Obama FUNDING and ARMING ISIS oh my bloody gawd! My prayers go out to all Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

How can so many Americans NOT SEE, actually not realise what the hell is going, it is truly beyond me? But then again the media is censored heavily so no one knows the truth on the mainstream front.

Below the deadly mosque’s breeding killer’s and still operating under Obama’s knowledge. Since this article Obama and Trudeu attended services late last year.

But I suppose like here in Australia we do have people absolutely unaware and clueless, or they simply do not want to know. It is infuriating to say the least knowing that people just do not bloody care what happens anymore. Like my son in-law for example. My son in-law said “I really don’t care & I don’t want to know” in an angry voice mind you. I absolutely lost it with him, said “you should bloody well care, you have two daughters now for crying out loud, how you cannot is irresponsible!” I did the smart thing and chose to walk off, as I truly wanted to slap sense into him. He will keep for now, but not forever mark my words.

We have discovered here in Australia an extreme amount of government corruption and treasonous behavior. All these small changes, add-ons, omitted clauses, change of words, the list is endless to the manipulation of our constitutional laws. All this deceptive deliberate act’s that have been implemented over the decades right under our noses slowly but surely. Our corrupt media, our governments and the United Nations deliberately weaving their plan, distracting us all on absolute garbage. Meaningless news, entertainment shows, new technologies, sport, buying a new car or the next fandango new phone. Putting obstacles in our path to keep our mind’s busy and focused on everything but parliament. Far out and we have bloody fallen for it too.

Distracting us with worldwide disasters, using the horrors of Isis, so many of us were oblivious to politics and was the last thing we wanted to talk about. But guess what happens when you start learning about Islam, you find yourself thrust into politics head first, it is actually unavoidable!
I am glad this has happened, because the corruption we have discovered  about our pollies is incredible.

Sneakily removing our constitution from schools some 40yrs ago (hiding it away from the public), directing calculated school curriculum to breed next generations “students” to think a particular way! A generation of atheists with lowered values and morals. A few examples below with what we are dealing with in Australia, I am sure worldwide is the same? The United Nations plan of breeding mindless dopes has been a worldwide strategy which they have succeded.

unnamed (26)-20150713-223937671

*  The youth hate the monarchy, condemn our forefathers plus Anzacs. Every western country is based on Christian foundations, we now have a generation of new atheists tearing down and attacking the validity of christianity. The very fabric that our countries are built on. It is their way or the high way, NO ONE can have a differing opinion to their direction. (The direction they’ve been trained to think by the UN)

* The government took the authority away from parents and teachers creating a generation of disrespectful, disobedient, selfish, entitled kid’s. Using the smokescreen of family violence the children were given power over adults.

*They condemn us for patriotism for our country, when it is our very freedom we are fighting for. These little brats could not be more of a pain in the ass opposing us, if it wasn’t for our constitution and Anzacs they couldn’t act like brats on the street! Pushing free speech right’s but verbally abusing others and trying to shut down other’s free speech? It has become clear there is a one way street.

*They have the nerve to tear down other religions “Christianity in particular” but yet have been brainwashed to push Islam on everyone? They hate & do not believe in religion, yet Islam should be respected and left alone. How the hell does that work, it is pure insanity!

How can they not see they’ve been blatantly manipulated, turned into a pack of drones? Common sense is thrown out the window, it simply does not exist! These so called progressive humanitarian fighters, full of bloody hypocrisy it’s amazing to withat comes spewing out of their mouths is utterly infuriating not to mention stupid!

Nazi, racist, bigot, bla bla bla, what utter rot. They describe themselves but are completely blinded to the hypocrisy, paleassse give me a brake…

The world elite and Islam have stretched their tentacles so far across the world manipulating the masses to our demise. Creating an army of absolute fool’s that can’t get a grip on the dictionary meaning of words.

Who the hell do that think they are? Do the government’s seriously think we are going to let them get away with this easy, I don’t think so. Resistance is growing at rapid rates, something needs to give.

Our leader’s were put in office to specifically work for US, THE PEOPLE, not to be the instigators of our downfall? The government and Islam have created so MUCH DIVISION it’s not funny, creating so much tension, causing citizens to attack their fellow citizens! Leaders worldwide are the most corrupt, greedy, manipulative bastards on this planet.

THEY NEED TO GO DOWN and they need to go down quick, but how is the question?

We cannot let this United Nations treaty in Paris be signed. December the 11-20th  this year is D day. The day where all souls on this planet goes under universal law, the day we will be completely dictated to from a FOREIGN SELF ELECTED POWER legally. A power with Saudi Arabia of all countries at the head of the table representing HUMAN rights? SHARIA LAW RULE.

* Who on this earth can tell me they voted on the creation of the United Nations in the FIRST place?

* Who on this earth can tell me they voted on signing a United Nations treaty ever?

* Who on this earth agreed to be dictated to BY PEOPLE WE SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW? Who the HELL are they?

* United Nations (who ever they are) set out all these end goals BUT they do not say HOW this will be achieved do they?

That in itself is extremely DECEPTIVE behavior! I mean, you look at their actions over the year’s. Saudi Arabia which practices archaic sharia law, NEVER not once reprimanded for violating human rights guidelines, NOT ONCE? They beheaded people just last week PUBLICLY for crying out loud?

The mass starvation across 3rd world countries, so bad it is stunting growth. No infrastructure of basic amenities for middle eastern countries, all these Indonesian, Malaysian countries for example living in slums? Why have all these countries NOT BEEN brought forward to the United Nations panel, to be reprimanded and charged?

The corruption has no limits to the Elites agenda that’s for sure, ultimately they are depopulating the planet.

America are in the same boat as all of the western countries, but I feel they are in a worse position. They are far further advanced into the new world order system. The treason has been rife within all of our governing bodies, but the USA have been the leaders of many of these changes. The elite around the world stripping citizens of protection and freedom, which our very own constitution’s were put in place to PROTECT. The United Nations pushing the agenda against us directly.

Example below of the Australian government screwing us over big time, SCREWING with our constitution:

Under the Crimes Act 1914 Part 2 Section 24AA. Sabotaging the Constitution is treachery.

IT IS MY WILL that you provide me with evidence that shows where the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900-1901 authorises the Commonwealth of Australia to become a corporation and/or to be registered in the United States of America.
This Corporation is accountable to USA law and the USA Revenue Department, hence from The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a foreign power.

How the hell, have they done the above without a referendum? Well since writing this article much was done in the 70’s, the global hippie era (love and drugs). How convenient that turned out to be huh? There are hundreds of criminal manipulation’s perpetrated against us. We are finally awake now!

Our governments TOGETHER have been undermining our societies and have been making deals behind-the-scenes and now it is obvious, they are working with our enemies of Islam. The elite through generations of power have been enacting their grand plan to our destruction basically. Plans that have been thought of since the 1930’s and beyond.

Here we are in Australia on the other side of the world and are witnessing what president Obama has done and is doing. Obama stated back in 2009 when he took position of president that he world change America, but no one could of imagined the evil intent behind those words. No one could of imagined he would be a silent jihad on the nation. No one could imagine he would be the ultimate enemy of America and it’s citizens. AMERICA what are you going to do?

Some believed that Barack Obama was “discovered” at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY by ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI, a professor of his during Obama’s two year stay at that university.

Brzezinski is a SELF PROFESSED MARXIST COMMUNIST (please read his book entitled BETWEEN TWO AGES, published in 1970 wherein he PRAISES MARXIST COMMUNISM at least THIRTEEN times!) (For contrast, I have NEVER PRAISED IT in 45 years!)

Our government leaders are elected to make our countries strong and prosperous in every way, not to destroy us and make us struggle. To ensure that we have a safe environment to bring up our families, not allow a barbaric so called religion take over, granting them privileges. It sounds pretty damn simple doesn’t it, growing a safe and prosperous nation? Well, in reality it is very simple, that is, if you have good intentions driving you. But if you are intentionally scheming against the good of someone, your actions most certainly have to be calculated at every turn and very much hidden. Obama has very much been successful in deception and has done so on several levels.

Obama though, over the last few years has become increasingly brazen with his decisions of where America is heading. Saying that Allah is the way, Muslims are America and so on. You must accept Islam, this is being shoved down all our throats. Recently Obama being exposed publicly by Vladimir Putin that he is the financier of Isis? He has implemented all these plan’s and it clearly is not for the good of America or it’s people. Obama has clearly become an assassin to his own country and that has worried me greatly as Australia is dictated to by America and the United Nations. We had our prime minister Tony Abbott removed by Turnbull and Bishop, puppets of the United Nations. The one man we had standing in the way of the UN treaty being signed.

Below two important broadcasts:

ONE: Lord Monckton predicted in February our prime minister Tony Abbott would be strategically removed, also the popular Steven Harper of Canada would be removed.

The ONLY TWO road blocks in the way of *NWO* United Nations sustainable development treaty being signed this December. Canada as of this month has a new president.

TWO: Lord Monckton interview talking with Alan Jones after the spill of Abbott and Turnbull. Abbott outed.

Article new Canadian president.


There is one thing that American citizens will be facing very soon though, that I can only imagine is not going to end well. America (the government) are no doubt gearing up to take the guns off the people. They are taking the guns before Isis (Obama’s mercenaries) make their move on American soil. The flood gate’s have been opened deliberately by bitch Merkel another marxist communist dog, letting the un-cultured middle east stroll right on in to collapse democracy. Mayhem, crime, rape, murder and violent clashes has become widespread on innocent people of the land. Even the media are forbidden to report any atrocities happening across the EU. The world would be in an uproar if they knew and saw the truth! The mass manipulation cover up, media black out so no one knows the sickening reality.

Isis has infiltrated throughout Europe and into the US. All orchestrated by Obama US, Cameron UK, Merkel EU, Turnbull AU and the United Nations the G77 and the OIC (Islamic Arab, Indonesian pricks) A plan that Isis threatened back in 2013, well now we know it is Obama don’t we?


Below video and article, Vladimir Putin sticks it to Obama and United Nations.


Below video explains the Obama, Turkey, Quartr, Saudi Arabia, Russia and China bombing campaign.



ISIS Smuggling Weapons Into Europe & ‘Asylum Seeker’ Terrorist

Your southern borders in America are wide open, evidence of jihadists on those boarders, Isis has a branch in Mexico? Civil war is inevitable, we to are thinking very much the same will happen here but America or a European country will be the first. God help you all, because you are going to need it.


The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated The White House and Obama slipped the key’s right into their hands. The largest terrorist organization in the WORLD is running the White House. The Muslim Brotherhood have been around for a long time, since the 1930’s, in 1942 they became the SS regiment in Hitler’s army. The grand mufta was special guest of Hitler for a number of year’s’. The brotherhood started at around 200,000 soldiers, by the end of Hitler’s reign they stood at 500,000 strong.


How many are there now around the world, I have got no idea? The worldwide Ummah, the caliphate growing more everyday, do people remember the Ottoman empire? The Muslim Brotherhood are even banned from other countries, they are imprisoned and executed. BUT in OUR countries they roam free to spread their poison, to disrupt and breed home grown terror on all of us?

Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia are

*The Muslim Brotherhood*


The amount of hate and contempt I have for our leaders worldwide, word’s literally can not explain my fury. I actually fantasize about being an assassin and wiping out our dirty leaders. Doing a Lara Croft on their arse’s! They certainly deserve it…

In the 1980’s it was discovered that The Muslim Brotherhood had a 100 year plan called The Project. Their plan being to bring down western nation’s from the inside. America and ALL countries have had this manifesto in their hands, yet they have not put roadblocks in place to prevent it?


We have to ask each other, WHY would they “our governments” let them implement their stages of silent jihad?

There is only one answer as to why they would let this happen and that is the elite have the same plan. The elite, the shameful Marxist Communists of our world, have put their plan into motion alongside it. The elite are using Islam as an inner weapon to bring democracy to it’s knees. They the United Nations have created wars, starvation, displacement and the utter farce of global warming, to create public concern and panic of doomsday worldwide. They are doing the devils work plain and simple.

It is reported that the Port Arther massacre in Tasmania was engineered by America and the then Australian Government. A test run of how to go about disarming a country and make it a success? We were the pawns in an intricate plan of obtaining more power over it’s people. The heads of America and other countries for year’s now have praised our government of the great success of removing weapons. Good law abiding citizens handed in their weapons for a price, but the criminals certainly didn’t? Followers of Islam certainly haven’t I bet you.

Below article: Facts on Port Arther shooting. Thing’s that don’t add up.



The then US Secretary of defense visited Australia July 1996, only a few month’s after the massacre with Clinton following in 1997? Swapping notes I’m sure?

Below John Howard Prime Minister of Australia in 1996 passes the buy back scheme for weapons.

Funny how Howard visits the Port Arther site ten year’s later to pay his respects? Pay his respects for what, I bet you he is guilt ridden with what he allowed?
NO Mr Howard, you will only gain forgiveness through truth. Come clean or take it to the grave and go to hell.

The elite created the United Nations, a SELF ELECTED FOREIGN POWER governing over ALL countries, a world power under the guise of peace and humanity. There is no doubt in my mind they are the essence of evil. Striving for complete domination over everyone, known as AGENDA 21 & now AGENDA 2030. For several year’s now the barbaric Islamic and Indonesian countries have held power in this organization. The worst human right’s violators IN THE WORLD have been steering the agenda. They decide who and who IS NOT brought to justice! They decide the aid to countries and where it is to go and where NOT TO GO! The very same countries that put their homeland into complete disarray, the countries that slaughter their own people. For crying out loud, Saudi Arabia has now been elected the leader of the United Nations human rights, like Wtf?

It is appalling to say the least, it is a disgrace to be associated with them and tens of deplorable dictatorships. They justify their barbarism through “Sharia Law” the so called devine law from “their” Allah. In Arabic Allah means god, but he is nothing pure like we are taught “he is the devil”. Allah in the Qur’an is evil, he is treacherous, deceptive, barbaric and unforgiving! The Allah in the Qur’an is a cold blooded killer!

There are all these tactical words out there like Islamphobia, the study in England 20yrs later has revealed there is a direct threat as they are not assimilating.
NO WE ARE NOT SCARED though, if we were scared we wouldn’t be outing your deceptive sorry ass’s!
NO, WE ARE NOT RACIST, Islam is not and has NEVER BEEN A RACE.
NO, we DON’T HAVE to ACCEPT ISLAM, it is a vial destructive DEATH CULT.

United Nations are CORRUPT AS HELL, we DO NOT have to be associated.


We DO NOT have to lay down and accept our corrupt politicians behavior, MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Take them to court and charge them! Contact ALL members of parliament and expose the treason of other’s! Email them, write them and phone them,


Below radio interview with American

4-star retired general James Lyons (Ace) on Traitorous Obama.

Ok, I will leave it there I think. I know, I have given you much to think about I am sure. Time to get busy and email every bloody person you can think of in power, email ALL Tv station’s, email ALL newspaper’s, PUT YOUR PC TO GOOD USE…..

RISE UP away from the comfort of your home’s. Get out there and cause a raucous, ruffle some feathers! Get in the faces of parliament members,

DEMAND ANSWERS, you are entitled to answers!

Time to rise up BEFORE IT IS TO LATE, DECEMBER is only around the corner.

** Update December has been and gone, Turnbull locked us in again. **