Waking up the WORLD on government & islamic corruption.


HUMANITY and FORGIVENESS were completely thrown out and
ABOLISHED yesterday.
With eight executions being carried out on the,
“29th April 2015”
by the

Over the past ten year’s, nine Bali prisoners have been waiting their sentence of death.

Indonesia is governed by
(Sharia Law) and part ‘supposed’ democracy?

Indonesia throughout the world, is well known for CORRUPTION.
A survival skill practiced by many government authority figures.


In 2005 there were (17) arrested for drug related charges. The drug syndicate, had successfully distributed large quantities of opiates. To various countries in previous year’s.
With the aid, of the Australian Federal Police Intelligence.
A victory was guaranteed, at dismantling the successful drug operation. (Based in Indonesia)

Baring in mind that Indonesia is largely corrupt! It makes you question, how such a large syndicate could not be noticed?

The penalties for drug running, are extremely severe in Indonesia. As well as countries influenced by Sharia Laws.
With which foreigners, are dealt with harshly.

There actually is democracy and clemency carried out in Indonesia.
But has become very evident, it seems to be reserved for people of the country.
Where the law’s are being changed at will, to protect their own.

If trafficking drug’s carries a death penalty across Indonesia.
Where are the other eight prisoners?

Seventeen people were arrested?

But only nine were to face the firing squad?

Numerous requests of clemency from government officials worldwide, fell on death’s door.
Yet Indonesia have received over 200 clemency rulings, in their favour.
Where other countries have spared the lives of Indonesians, for the very same criminal act’s.

TWO LAW’S are clearly being played out, in predominant Islamic countries.

PROTECTION for the Islamic way of life & DEATH to westerners.

Seven christian people lost their lives yesterday, for drug trafficking. One man, religion unknown? Mary Jane Veleso from the Philippines, was spared her life in the final hour.

For ten year’s now, the focus has been on the Bali 9.
Where the corruption has been evident throughout the many trials, of all on death row.
1/ Extortion of money asked of
2/ Extortion withdrawn by President Joko Widodo, for Andrew Chan and Muryan Sukumaran of Australia.
(To remove the death penalty)


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